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Sulpher is a character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

He is a black cat that has been living with Vayne for as long as he can remember. Vayne sees Sulpher as his best friend and as an older brother. He likes raw fish and dislikes stupid alchemists.

He can be rather blunt and makes rude comments all the time, though he really does care for Vayne's well being. His past relationship with Theofratus was more of a master and pet relationship as opposed to his parent and child relationship with Vayne.

During their time in the mountains, Vayne would regularly have to fish for the both of them, but Sulpher was a bit of a taskmaster when it came to getting fish. Which is understandable since that's one of the few food sources they can access of since the people in the village nearby would chase him and Vayne out whenever they went to town.