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Gray is a supporting character in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

Despite his intimidating looks as a dragon man, Gray is a sweet and friendly individual and is considered to be the party's "big brother" due to his caring personality, but can lose his temper when the people he cares for are in danger. Gray enjoys meeting strong people to fight and be friends with and dislikes boredom.

Though he wants to kill Dragon King Ardgevald in hopes of removing the dragon man curse from him, Gray's biggest dream is to become the strongest warrior in history.


Years before the events of Atelier Iris 2, Gray was once fully human and had trained with Galahad as an imperial soldier, but they both abandoned their master. His appearance as a dragon man comes from the fact that he's slain so many dragons in his life (thus earning him the title of "Dragon Slayer") that it caused the Dragon King Ardgevald to curse him with their shape. Despite this, he isn't bothered by his new form and actually enjoys the incredible new power that comes from being a dragon. 

In the game he first meets Felt in the Tatalian desert after rescuing him from a sand monster, who originally mistook him for a Fire Mana. He tags along with Felt just because he wanted to find a purpose in life, instead of just wandering around aimlessly (he really dislikes being bored). At the end of the game, Gray is seen training young Simsiltians in swordplay. Even after defeating Ardgevald, the curse incidentally was never lifted.

In Battle


In battle, he fights with a pair of shield/gauntlet type weapons. As expected of him, Gray has high scores in LIFE, ATK, DEF, and Dark DEF, but he's the slowest of the playable cast and the other characters can take more turns in the time it takes for him to get one turn of his own. He also has low MAG, but this can be corrected with accessories and boosting items. Despite his lower speed, he doesn't need to hit the enemies very often to defeat them. It's quite common for Felt and the others to soften up the enemies and Gray finishes them off, which makes him gain the experience bonus at the end of the battle and level up more often. Gray possesses special moves that inflict a lot of damage to enemies of Dark classification as well as dragon breath skills that attack with Fire, Ice and Thunder. Gray best serves the party in the front position where he can absorb enemy attacks easily; he can even ensure that enemies aim only for him with his Taunt ability. 


Skill Type Usage Skill Description
Twin Dragon Physical Two consecutive attacks with a shield and sword.
Shredding Dragon Physical Three consecutive attacks with a shield and sword.
Dragon Ruin Physical Four consecutive attacks with a shield and sword.
Holy Blade Magic Attacks with a holy fighting blade, damaging enemies with high dark resistance.
Flaming Blade Magic Attacks with a holy fighting blade, heavily damaging enemies with high dark resistance.
Infernal Blade Magic Attacks with a holy fighting blade, extremely damaging enemies with high dark resistance.
Tera Flame Magic The body produces high temperature fire which heavily damages all enemies.
Taunt Special Make enemies focus their attacks on him.
Dragon's Cry Special Loud scream paralyzes all enemies in fear.
Fire Breath Magic Breath fire to damage enemies over a wide area.
Ice Breath Magic Breath ice to damage enemies over a wide area.
Thunder Breath Magic Breath thunder to damage enemies over a wide area.


Name Desciption Life Attack Magic DEF Speed F RES I RES L RES D RES Skill and Reviews
Dragon Killer A dragon slayer's weapon. It seems to love their blood. 608 301 89 271 34 135 130 123 86 Dragon's Cry (Skill)
Ice Blade An ice-cold weapon. It causes ice damage while raising its user's own ice resistance. 632 310 89 271 34 135 145 123 86 Ice Breath (Skill), I Damage (S)
Endurance Blade A weapon with increased offensive ability, it improves the dragon slayer's blade. 620 321 89 275 35 135 135 128 86 Critical Up (S)
Roaring Blade An excellent defensive and offensive weapon. 620 332 89 281 34 135 130 137 86 Taunt (Skill), Critical Up (S)
Invincible Blade A true weapon with holy and strong offensive abilities. 622 343 89 280 44 135 130 123 86 Shredding Dragon (Skill)
Passion Blade A weapon that increases your energy when you wear it. 622 353 101 280 34 135 130 123 98 Flaming Blade (Skill)
Thunder Blade A weapon made of special metal. It deals damage while raising thunder resistance. 627 363 104 285 35 135 130 137 86 Thunder Breath (Skill), L Damage (M)
Vacuum Blade A weapon so sharp, it cuts air. Good for repeated attacks. 632 380 89 285 34 142 137 130 93 Attack +1
Warrior Blade A weapon infused with the spirit of the greatest warrior. Even Beasts run from it. 656 395 89 285 43 149 145 137 100 Tera Flame (Skill), Beast Buster
Raging God A warrior god's weapon. It can kill a hundred enemies. 680 406 95 309 44 157 152 145 107 Dragon Ruin (Skill), Critical Up (M)