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Nicole Mimi Tithel (ティティルミミニケメレ, Teiteiru Mimi Nike Mere) or Nikki is a playable character inMana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

She is one of the party's three starting members. Since she came from an isolated village, she may lack common knowledge, but she has the most common sense of any member of the party.

Nikki is a very energetic and outgoing girl. She can never sit still; she's always eager to go on adventuring. She went along with Flay, perhaps due to their similar traits. She can come off as flirtatious, but everything she does is to ensure the survival of her slowly decaying race. Nikki can appear as childish, but at times her temper flare to the point she will not hesitate to use violence. She often teases Vayne, but overall, she cares greatly for all of her friends. She is also very curious and often gets irritated when Roxis prevents her from interfering with his synthesis. Since she is very lazy, she depends on Vayne and the others to gain her mark.


Role in Mana Khemia

Nikki is first introduced when Vayne was forcefully taken to Flay's workshop, Nikki being the first to join him. The Vice Principal, unhappy that Flay stayed in school yet again for another year, then demanded them to bring her an item or else they will not be allowed to use the workshop.

Eager for adventure, Nikki immediately suggests them to set out for the Living Forest, where they first encounter a Koalaria. For the first time also, Vayne shifted into his combat form, much to Nikki's excitement. After they had defeated the monster, Nikki commented on how she wanted to have a shifting weapon like Vayne, much to his embarrassment.

Character Quests

Character Quest 1

Story: "Ah, I know I shouldn't go for taken guys, but I also didn't think they would be mad enough to chase me... Either way, this won't stop me. I need to take as many husband candidates as I can back to the village. And I have to have a lot of kids!"

Nikki's character quest begins with a storm of drama, as three girls are chasing Nikki because they caught her flirting with their boyfriends. Not knowing what to do, Vayne and Jess hide Nikki from the furious girls, but after the girls had left, Nikki had somehow snuck out of her hiding place.

Jess and Vayne try to scold her for being flirtatious after finding her in the hallway, but Nikki seems oblivious and says that she will go to find another boy to flirt with. Before the two can continue scolding her for what she did, Flay drops from the ceiling, surprising everyone. Flay explains that the reason that Nikki is flirting around with so many boys is that since beastmen are rare nowadays, they tend to have as many husbands and children as possible in order to repopulate the species, a fact that shocks both Vayne and Jess. After Flay leaves, Nikki understands that it's not a good idea to flirt with boys who are already taken and leaves to find single boys, making the group worry if she really understood what they were trying to tell her.

Character Quest 2

Story: "It was terrible. The guys I rejected came to the workshop, and Flaya got so pissed... Thanks to Jess' Loveless Potion, they got rid of the guys. But then they turned against me. They squeezed my tail, pulled my ears... But that potion was so effective. With it, I think I can go get more guys anyway!"

Nikki's second character quest begins with Vayne coming inside the workshop to find Flay kicking out a bunch of boys from their workshop, who are quickly revealed as boys that Nikki had just recently dumped. Nikki doesn't take the situation seriously and jokes about how much it sucks being popular with so many boys until an annoyed Flay tells her to fix this since all of her flirting caused it in the first place.

After Nikki, Jess, and Vayne look around in the Library for a solution, Vayne finds a book on how to make a love potion. Jess points out that they could use that by using the opposite components so that it makes the boys hate Nikki instead, allowing the player to create the item: 'Loveless Potion.'

After the trio finishes creating the potion, the same group of boys from earlier show up again. Nikki uses the potion on them, which works successfully. Unfortunately, the trio apparently made the effects of the Loveless Potion too strong as the boys begin to attack Nikki, having Vayne and Jess intervene before it got any worse. Later, the trio tells the whole story to Flay, who regrets not being there and tells Nikki to stop with the cat cry since she brought the whole incident upon herself. After Nikki thanks Vayne and Jess for helping her out, she happily states that with the potion, she can flirt with lots of boys again, making Flay and the others question if Nikki even learned anything from the entire incident.

Character Quest 3

Nikki's third character quest/scene starts with Vayne walking back to the workshop when he hears a pretty voice singing nearby and many people heading to the roof where the singing is coming from. He decides to head to the roof to see who's singing. Once up there, Vayne discovers that a lot of students have shown up to listen to the person singing.

After the song ends and everyone starts leaving, Vayne is surprised to find out that it was Nikki who he and everyone else had been listening to. She then tells Vayne that whenever she gets bored she up to the roof to sing, and blushes when Vayne compliments on how pretty her voice is, stating that she rarely gets compliments in person before running back to the workshop. After she leaves, Vayne realizes that it's Nikki's songs that attract people, and happily states that he wants to listen to her singing again when he has more time.

Character Quest 4

Story: "I guess my fans formed some elitist fan club and attacked the guys in my workshop. I mean, it's not like I was hurt, so I didn't really care but... I shouldn't say that or else I'll get in trouble again. I told them I had no interest in any of the guys in the workshop, so I don't think they'll attack anymore."

Nikki's fourth character quest starts with a bit of mystery as the screen is pitch black and a group of people talks about how "those three" are getting so close to "her" just because they're in the same workshop. They state that they must move their plans into action and simultaneously shout "All for Miss Nikki!"

In the next scene, Vayne and Sulfur are heading to the workshop when Sulfur warns Vayne that they're being watched. Suddenly, Vayne and Sulfur are ambushed by a group of male students, stating that Vayne must die for their ambitions, which leads to a quick battle with them. After the battle, Vayne is seen panting as he tries to figure out why they suddenly attacked him until more of them show up to avenge their fallen comrades, forcing him and Sulfur to retreat back to the workshop. Along the way, Vayne and Sulfur meet up with Flay and Roxis, who had just had the same encounter as Vayne. The four of them move as a group as they race back the workshop. By the time they arrive, Nikki begins scolding them for being so late and thinks that they're trying to make excuses as the guys try to explain to the girls that they were being chased by a group of male students. Suddenly, the male students show up at the workshop, but quickly retreat when they see Nikki, making the guys wonder if Nikki knew something about them.

After being threatened by Flay to drink one of Jess' 'unique' medicines, Nikki hurriedly confesses and tells them that the group of male students that attacked them were from her fan club. After Nikki leaves to tell her fan club that she is not romantically interested in any of the guys in her workshop, Roxis hopes that the situation with her fan club doesn't get any worse, making Vayne reply by telling him not to jinx it.

Character Quest 5

Story: "I felt my life was at risk. The fan club found out I'm looking for a husband, so they went crazy proposing to me. I had Vayne pretend to be my boyfriend so that they'd give up, but one of 'em got pissed and attacked me. If Vayne didn't rescue me... Come to think of it, Vayne's pretty dependable. I wouldn't mind him being my husband..."

Nikki's fifth character quest starts off with her fan club in a weekly meeting talking about how they could trust Vayne and the other guys just a bit more since they show no signs of attraction towards Nikki when one of the members dash in and tells the others that Nikki's goal at the academy is to find a husband, which shocks the rest of the group.

At the workshop, Roxis talks to Vayne about how things with Nikki's fan club have calmed down until the beastwoman runs inside the workshop in panic, having nearly escaping from the mob of boys who were trying to propose to her. Flay and Roxis quickly leave the workshop since they don't want to go through all that trouble with her club again, leaving behind a reluctant Vayne and Muppy to help with the problem. (Although Vayne stayed behind cause he got a mouthful from the girls.) After a short time, Pamela comes up with the idea that Nikki should pretend to already have a potential husband so that all the boys would leave her alone. Nikki chooses Vayne to be her pretend husband, but Vayne tries to get out of this by getting Nikki to make Muppy the pretend husband. But since the two fiercely disagree with that idea, Vayne has no choice but to go with the plan.

After playing a lovers version of tag in front of everyone on the Campus Grounds and giving Vayne a personal concert in the Music Room with everyone listening from the outside, Vayne and Nikki are ambushed by her fan club at the Student Store, who is furious at Vayne for stealing Nikki's heart. After Nikki stands on the sidelines to watch the fight between them, Vayne is forced into a quick fight with the group before running off with the beastgirl, who muses that having Vayne fight for her and lead her from danger isn't half bad. When the two reach the Cafeteria, more of Nikki's fan club wait to ambush them. After another quick battle with the members in her fan club, Nikki continues joking to Vayne about the situation, to which the silver-haired alchemist replies by saying it's her fault they're in this mess. Just when it looks like another fight is about to start, one of the fan members goes berserk and attempts a murder/suicide, announcing that he is going to kill Nikki and then himself so that no one else can have her. Just when the fan member attempts to attack Nikki, Vayne darts past her and strikes the fan member with enough force to knock him to the ground. Vayne seizes the opportunity and runs off with a stunned Nikki again as the other fan members subdue their frenzied ally.

After catching a breather on the roof, Nikki apologizes to Vayne for putting him through all that, and thanks him for saving her life after finally understanding the dangers of flirting with so many boys. After seeing how brave and dependable Vayne is, Nikki quietly confesses that she wouldn't mind if he became her husband for real with a blush on her face. Just as Vayne asks her what she said, she cheerfully runs off, leaving a worried Vayne to hope that the bad feeling about all of this is just his imagination.

Character Quest 6

Nikki's sixth character quest/scene shows just how affectionate Nikki is becoming towards Vayne after the incident. It starts off with Nikki running towards him in the Cafeteria, asking if they could eat together. Despite Vayne thinking it would be embarrassing, the two head off to get a table as a male student watches the incident from afar. Next, Vayne decides to go listen to Nikki's singing since he hadn't heard her songs in a while. When he reaches the roof to listen, Nikki notices Vayne watching her and stops halfway to ask if they could play together. Despite Vayne's pleas to get the beastgirl to continue singing for the crowd, Nikki doesn't care that much and tells Vayne that she'll sing for him any time he asks as she leads him away from the crowd.

Later at the workshop, Nikki asks Vayne to go gathering with her. Even though Vayne tells her that he still has homework to finish, Nikki tells him that he can do it later and happily leads him out of the workshop with her. After the girls comment on Nikki's new attitude towards Vayne, Anna tells Jess that she's worried that the beastwoman's open affections towards Vayne are bound to be upsetting somebody.

Character Quest 7 - Finale

Story: "Everyone hates me. But, it's all my fault. We put together a concert so I could apologize, but no one came. Then Vayne broadcasted the song and finally, everyone forgave me. I was so happy, I cried. I'm gonna stop flirting with guys because Vayne promised that after graduation, he'll come to my village!"

Nikki's seventh and final character quest starts off in the classroom with three boys clearly upset that Nikki has found someone to be with after flirting with them like she was interested. Soon, it's revealed that those three boys are the boyfriends of the girls that chased Nikki in the first character quest, who is on the other side of the room talking about the same thing and plan to give the beastwoman a piece of their minds. When Nikki shows up, the girls confront her harshly about how she went around the school flirting with every boy, only to rub it in their faces when she found someone. After their boyfriends stop the girls from saying any more harsh words, Nikki runs out of the classroom down the hallway past Vayne and Sulfur. Vayne notices that Nikki was crying, and Sulfur suggests that he chase after her.

After Vayne finds Nikki still crying in the Workshop with Jess and Anna, he manages to calm her down enough to tell him and the others what happened. After thinking about how Nikki could show how sorry she is about all that's happened, Flay suggests that Nikki create a new song about how she is feeling about all this. After agreeing, the rest of the group begins working at the concert while she works on the song. (In order for the C.Quest to continue, just get 5 Giant Woodchips, 5 Preuve Lead, and 5 Black Dirt.)

When it's almost time for Nikki to sing, the group is upset that so few people came thanks to the damage Nikki caused during her time at the academy. Despite this, Nikki goes out to sing for the few people that did come. Determined to get everyone in the academy to listen to Nikki's song, Flay pulls out his secret item #13: the Attention Bringer. He explains that everyone will be able to listen to Nikki singing if they put one in the Broadcasting Room, which is guarded by security. After hearing this, Vayne immediately agrees to the idea to help Nikki, which shocks the group since he's usually the last person to agree to do something like this. After everyone reaches the Broadcasting Room, a quick battle starts as Flay charges the students in charge of security. After the battle, Vayne runs inside the Broadcasting Room to set up the Attention Bringer while everyone else holds back the guards. After successfully completing the plan, everyone begins to hear Nikki's new song and heads to the Auditorium. Even the Vice-Principal lets them off with them writing an apology essay after she realizes why they broke into the Broadcasting room in the first place. When Nikki sees that the entire Auditorium is filled with students cheering for her, she breaks down in tears of happiness as she thanks the crowd while her friends watch from the back of the room, proud of what they did to help the beastwoman.

Later, Nikki meets up with Vayne in the classroom, and thanked him for helping her the other day since the concert helped get her old fans back and even get plenty of new ones, such as the girls from the first C.Quest. She then tells Vayne that she's heading back to her village after graduation to see her dad again. After Vayne says how much he would like to visit her village, Nikki not only suggests that they could go to her village together after they graduate but even suggests with a blush that he could stay with her in the village forever, which shows the beastwoman has developed deeper feelings for Vayne than just simple affection before running off in happiness. After she leaves, Vayne says that it would be fine if that happened, showing that Vayne might have developed the same feelings for Nikki.

Before the Final Battle & Ending

Note: This ending can only be obtained after you completed all of Nikki's Character Quests before the end of Chapter 11.

After the gang manages to defeat Vayne and he regains his senses, Nikki calls out to him, asking if his wish to disappear is what he really wants. The "Other Vayne" tells Nikki that Vayne disappearing is inevitable, but Nikki simply tells the Other Vayne to back off before she asks Vayne again. When Vayne answers her by apologizing, Nikki tells him not to apologize and reminds him that he promised that they were supposed to go to her village together before she tells him that she won't let him be her husband if he keeps moping like that. She's shocked when Vayne replies by saying,"...I see," thinking that Vayne's relieved at that and threatens him by telling Vayne that she'll drag him back to her village if she has to. Vayne amusedly notes that it would hurt if he got dragged all the way there, and Nikki asks him if he'll come with her freely instead. Vayne asks Nikki if she's really okay with wanting someone who's not even human to be her husband, but Nikki tells him to stop moping about that and that he's still the Vayne that she knew, no matter what. When Vayne begins to laugh, Nikki asks what's so funny and he tells her that he was thinking about how she was going to drag him back to her village. Nikki tells Vayne that she meant every word since she said it. Vayne rejoins the group and apologizes to Nikki before thanking her for realizing that he wants to be with her and everyone else. Nikki is happy that Vayne finally understands her feelings, but the Other Vayne warns Vayne that without him to harness this power, it will go out of control. Vayne confidently tells his other self that he doesn't want that power and that it's useless to him now. The Other Vayne tells him that as long he knows the consequences, the power will go out of control. Nikki tells Vayne to be careful just as the final fight is about to begin.

Vayne's new wife & kids.

In Nikki's ending, the screen is pitch-black as Vayne and Nikki are sneaking out of a room in order to spend some quality time together until Nikki accidentally steps on a squeaky toy, waking up a baby. It's then revealed that a few years after leaving Al-Revis, Vayne and Nikki had gotten married a had 4 beastmen children together, and are possibly living in Nikki's village. The two try to calm the baby down when the rest of their kids wake up, asking Vayne to play with them. Vayne asks Nikki to sing them another lullaby, but Nikki tells Vayne that her throat hurts from singing all day. After Vayne agrees to play with his children, he sighs and tells Nikki that they probably won't get time to themselves any time soon, and Nikki agrees with him. Not until their kids grow up a bit.


Nikki is a heavy striker, attacking with a big hammer. Being a beastman, she is the only one among party members to be able to call the aid of animals. She is a heavily physical oriented character, and she had almost no magical attack in her repertoire. She is an HP-oriented character, but her MP cap can be removed by using appropriate accessories and the selection of Ether Effects when synthesizing her weapons and armors. She is also exceptionally fast, even though Anna's speed is far above her.

Her attribute is Beast Striker, making her very advantageous at fighting beast-type enemies.

In Battle

Her special skill, 'Heart Cracker,' allows her to convert animals into key items, able to use them in her attacks. She is a very adept fighter, having a card-manipulation ability, double-up skills, and many more. Her skill, Decoy Shield also nullifies damage on the party for a certain amount of time. Nikki is a tanker, able to take and deal high damage on the enemy. Her attack range is medium to large range.

She made a pact with Mana of Wood at the end of Chapter 2. After that, she can learn Mana skills and perform her Finishing Burst. Her Finishing Burst is Super Nikki Punch, awakening her wild side to deal with grand damage. Its attribute is Physical, targets a single enemy, and hits for 11x HITS, the most out of any party member.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Wild Rush None Physical Ball and chain swing attack. ATK Support Knockback Single enemy x1 HIT
Life Guard None None Guard an attack in place of an ally. DEF Support Self Heal HP Self Only
Summon Friend None None Summon beasts to aid. List Skill None None
Heart Cracker 10 MP Physical Love can hurt. ATK Skill Gain hearts from animals if killing blow. Single Enemy x5 HIT
Heartful Action 67 MP Physical Stronger love hurts more. ATK Skill Gain hearts from animals if killing blow. Single Enemy x6 HIT
Wood Shake 25 MP Physical Drops huge acorns on random enemy targets. ATK Skill Double Up skill All Enemies x6 HIT
Wood Swing 40 MP Physical Drops spikey chestnuts to deal medium damage. ATK Skill Double Up skill All Enemies x6 HIT
Wood Storm 63 MP Physical Drops terrible fruits to deal great damage. ATK Skill Double Up skill All Enemies x6 HIT
Decoy Shield 25 MP None Plant a mystery seed that makes you immune to damage for a certain time. SUP Skill None Single Ally

List Skill - Summon Friend

List Skill - Summon Friend
Team Kobold Kobold Thoughts x3 Physical Summon the Kobold Knights to deal damage. ATK Skill Steal Item Single enemy x4 HIT
Kobold Hero Kobold Thoughts x20 Physical Summon a Kobold Hero to deal great damage. ATK Skill Double Up, Knockback All Enemies x2 HIT
Panther Raid Panther Pathos x6 Physical Summon a White Panther to deal damage. ATK Skill None Row(S) x3 HIT
Panther Beat Panther Pathos x18 Physical Summon three Panthers to deal great damage. ATK Skill Time Skill, places 1 Timecard Single Enemy x4 HIT
Harpy Sisters Harpy's Heart x6 Physical Summon the Harpy Sisters to sing a deafening song. ATK Skill Knockback Single Enemy x3 HIT
Harpy Dive Harpy's Heart x15 Physical Fly high into the sky, then dive onto the enemy. ATK Skill Double Up skill Range(L) x2 HIT
Bear Homerun Bear Hug x7 Physical Deal medium damage by comboing with a Bear ATK Skill Instant Kill (does not work against bosses) Single Enemy x2 HIT
Bear Charge Bear Hug x26 Physical Summon the legendary monster bear that deals great damage. ATK Skill None Single Enemy x6 HIT
Koalaria Knock Koalaria Spirit x3 Physical Summon a Koalaria that throws nuts and fruits. ATK Skill Easier to stun Single Enemy x3 HIT

Koalaria Screw

Koalaria Spirit x14 Physical Summon a Koalaria that beats others with a club for medium damage. ATK Skill Easier to stun Single Enemy x6 HIT


  • In a movie trailer available at the official English website, Nikki is titled 'Most Likely to Chase Tail'.
  • Nikki is the character singing the insert song of the game, titled "Hey!". Her singer is Marie.
  • Miyuki Sawashiro also voiced a character in another GUST Game, Ar tonelico. Specifically, she voiced the character Chroche Letal Pastalie, which shares some appearance traits as Nikki. Also, the two are not human.
  • In her ending, Nikki has long blond hair. She apparently has good judgment on taking care of children as well.
  • Nicole is the feminine form of 'Nicholas', a common English male name. The name 'Nicole' has its roots in French with the exact word, Nicole. Her last name, Tithel, may have a reference to the ring Titrel from Odin Sphere, another NIS America game, differing only one consonant. Her nickname, Nikki, is also an alternate form of her real name, Nicole. Nicole is also the alternate form of the name 'Nicola'.
  • As revealed in the Girls' Dormitory, Nikki normally wears active clothes.
  • When she sees a barrel, she will say "Barrel."
  • When you confront her in the Cafeteria before Chapter 7's Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia contest, she will say "Huh? What's up?"