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Poe is a playable character in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

A fairy who lives in Eden, he fell in love with Viese. After a strange turn of events, he wound up in Belkhyde, met Felt and joined his cause. With his obsession with girls and his boisterous attitude, he is an unconventional fairy.


Poe is a fairy who resides in Eden. Self-titled "Gun Mana" and "Flashbang Poe" on his use of a (to him) giant gun in combat, which fires rounds with both damage, random effect and healing capabilities. He has a fateful encounter with Viese and instantly falls in love with her. He eventually travels to Belkhyde after a failed attempt to capture Viese's heart. He becomes good friends with Felt and his party, and often attempts to flirt with other girls with disastrous consequences. Only one girl, the catgirl Mitsue, was receptive to his advances and developed a instant crush on him.

While in his own little world, thinking of what he should say to Viese, he unwittingly proposes marriage to another character, the cat girl Mitsue, whom he is eventually forced to marry, for the benefit of the party as his actions allowed Felt to gain access to one of the Workshops. Mitsue and the party come to an agreement where after Theodore and the Silvaresta Occupation are defeated, Poe will return to Zwital village.

Despite his marriage to Mitsue, Poe proclaims it is his duty to have affairs over the world and announces his intent to pursue Viese. When Theodore is defeated, Mitsue returns Poe to Zwital village.

After a time of living in Mitsue's village of Zwita, Poe managed to sneak away from the devoted Mitsue and snuck away from her (using the excuse of going out for milk according to Gray). He's met by the party, now reunited with Viese down from Eden, and Poe joins up again to destone Felt, though only after gaining permission from Mitsue first.

When the group needed to create Gurgu’s Cane, they found the Pigeon blood, a jewel given to Poe as part of his wedding was a necessary reagent, upsetting Poe who said the Pigeon blood was important to him and Mitsue. In the end, the reluctant Poe was forced to give up the jewel, fearful of Mitsue finding out.

Before the showdown with Palaxius, Mitsue catches up with Poe in Eden who is glad to see she is safe, the two share a tender moment, but Poe gets embarrassed when his friends tease him about their relationship.

In the ending, he is trying to gift Mitsue with a ring as a replacement for the Pigeon Blood, who angrily scratches him and turns away.


  • Poe is the only playable character who is age is listed as unknown. However Poe is frequently described as a teenager and at one point is said to be a little younger then the 17 year old Felt.
  • Poe appears to give up on wooing Viese by the time Felt is destoned, as he leaves with the rest of the party to give Viese and Felt alone time.
  • According to a drama CD taking place after the game, Mitsue and Poe have made up since, with the latter making an effort not to pursue other girls.
  • Poe's relationship with Mitsue appears complicated; whilst he frequently attempts to avoid married life, at several points in the game, he shows signs of having affection for her like wistfully calling out her name in his sleep and being very glad to see her safe in Eden, promising her, sincerely this time, he'll return after beating Palaxius.