Yula Ellis

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Yula Ellis is a character in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

She is one of the daughters of the wealthy Ellis family. She came to Zey Meruze with her younger sister Nell Ellis to work as a Raider, in order to rebuild her family's wealth. She uses a large mace as her weapon.

Yula is a complete opposite of Nell, as Yula is very serious about her work and is a very proud person. She would never allow anything to stand in her way, even as bad as when she abandons Nell, saying that she's in the way of her work. She is also willing to do anything to get her family wealth back even it means doing jobs for a man like Crowley.

Before the final battle in the World of Distortion, she helps Edge, Iris and Nell to bypass monsters that are in the way. In the ending, Yula decides to return home with Nell.