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The Other Vayne is a physical manifestation of Vayne's powers as a Mana in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

For the most part, he exists solely in Vayne's mind. However, he materializes in Heart's Prison to grant Vayne's wish to be alone. His sole reason for existing is to grant Vayne control over his power to grant wishes, and so his sole goal is granting Vayne's every wish, even his darkest desires. He also is a warped version of Vayne's personality. Despite this, he seems to be playful and a bit sarcastic in his appearances. It is unknown if he has any attachments to people, since he is technically Vayne as well.


Other Vayne is the one to have convinced Vayne to use his powers in times of need. Such a time would be when Isolde killed one of his friends or when the Huffin tree was burnt down. In the final chapters, he is revealed to be the personification of Vayne's powers and is the one to give Vayne back his memories of Theofratus; thus causing him to feel guilty about his death.

He is found in the center of Heart's Prison, the Illusionary Path, and is the final boss for the good endings. In the bad ending, he and Vayne are the final boss and both are not known to have lived or disappeared in the collapse. In the good endings, he is shown to sit down in the center as the workshop left the collapsing realm; it is unknown if he still exists or not.

Boss Battle

Other Vayne takes the form of Crazed Eye in the true final battle in the good endings and has a similar

The Final Boss form of Other Vayne: Crazed Eye

arsenal of attacks as the previous fight with Vayne, though he summons familiars as well. He takes this form when Vayne decides he doesn't want his power anymore and so he no longer has a harness.

Name Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Tears of Wrath None

Summons a familiar in the form of Lazes

Summon None None
Tears of Sorrow None

Summons a familiar in the form of Sorrows.

Summon None None
Twin Breath Magic Shoots two large beams of energy at the party. ATK Skill None All of the party
Brieftrunks Physical Calls forth a groupd of monsters to attack ATK Skill Places one time card. All of the Party
Tears of Despair Summon

Summons two familiars in the form of Despairs.

Summon None None
Wave of Despair Magic and Physical Deal great damage with infinitely appearing swords. ATK Skill Drains both HP and MP All of the party
Premotion Magic Prepares to use Lightless world. MAG Skill None The Field
Lightless World None Causes the field to change color. MAG Skill First weakens healing then negates it completely. The field
Urge to Destory Magic Prepares to use Grand Cross MAG Skill None None
Grand Cross Magic Creates a barrier of Crystal swords then impales the target on all sides with five different blades. ATK Skill Ends Lightless World and returns the field back to normal. None
Mirror Of Desire Magic Creates Shade clones of a party member Summon None None
Fusion Magic Takes a party memeber from the group and keeps them for a short time. MAG Skill Prevents that party member from being used and causes them damage. One part member


  • He is referred to as Vain by most fans.
  • Perhaps his character is a reference to Vayne's name's original spelling of Vain, which means Vanity. And he seems to only care about Vayne to an extent.
  • Interestingly enough, he resigned himself to his fate when Heart's Prison was disappearing in the good endings, as seen by him sitting down while it collapsed on itself.
  • While being the final boss, he never seemed truly malicious. He has said multiple times he wasn't the one to wish for the whole Heart's Prison incident to happen and that he's just the personification of Vayne's power.