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Chaos is the main antagonist in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

Chaos is a member of the Imprerial Army, and has earned the title of "Chaos the Lightning Blade" throughout Belkhyde. His excellent swordsmanship and speed gained him the title of Imperial Champion. He is also a descendant of a long bloodline of alchemists, and has started to research alchemy in order to save his sister, Rie.

Chaos travels the nation as he pleases, and uses the assistance of his Crimson Azoth Palaxius. After Chaos learns about Eden, he is determined to travel there and to find Lilith. He considers Felt as one of his enemies, and the two will battle three times throughout the course of the game.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

As his name implies, Chaos is a man acting on his own, with little to no regards of the orders of the higher echelons. At the course of the game, Chaos is shown to be a ruthless, cold young man that volunteers to do anything by any means to reach his goal, even if it means of taking someone's life. Although he could be seen as an antagonistic character doing evil deeds to fulfill his goal of making an Elixir, Chaos could also be seen as a man who greatly cares for whom he loved, because the events of the game were triggered by his effort to revive Rie, his deceased sister after he failed to find a way to create Elixir.


Dubbed as "Chaos the Lightning Blade", he is renowned through the land of Belkhyde for his prowress in swordsmanship and his speed as he slice through his enemies. He is also especially intelligent, proved by his notebook found at the later part of the game, bestowing upon the player the recipe of making Verdure Doublet, a material needed to make Aroma Material. 

Chaos is also able to perform inhumane deeds, such as fossilizing Max and Felt using the ability of the Crimson Azoth, Exanosis. He is a capable swordsman and because of this, he is the first Imperial Champion, ranking the highest of the three Imperial Champions. 

He was fought three times during the course of the game. 

First Encounter

When first fought, he is unbeatable no matter how the player attempted to defeat him, and being defeated by him will not end in a Game Over screen.

Second Encounter

Fought with a full party, Chaos still proves to be a difficult opponent. He is fast and taking advantage of his high damage output, he could possibly wipe out the entire party in a few turns. To encounter this, player could take advantage of Noin's Healing Wind to heal party's HP. Fee is a recommended party member as she is as nearly as fast as Chaos, and Felt is also a recommended party member with his steady damage output. 

Final Encounter

Fought with Felt alone, the final battle against Chaos is the toughest of the three encoutnters, and unlike the previous two where he retreated, this final duel is a fight to the death. Chaos oriented his attacks more on heavy, multiple-hitting strikes. For taking careful measure, the player should acquire all of Felt's offensive skills, synthesizing lots of high level healing items including Altena Jar and equipped Felt with the best accessories and alchemy items available for the player.