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Jiptus is one of five new Manas introduced in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, and she also appears in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

She governs the element of Poison, and is the embodiment of poison itself. Her appearance gives the impression of her as a dangerous Mana, however, she is very nice.

She acts much like an older sister rather than a completely different being, and she often gives advice to the Sound Mana, Siren.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Atelier Iris 2

Jiptus is one of so many Manas that lost her Holy Ground, the Aquitto Spring. After Felt repaired the Workshop at Forest of Ocean Mist, he then wrote a letter to Viese that told her the Aquitto Spring should reappear. True to his words, Viese went to Aquitto Spring to make a pact with her. Jiptus agreed to make a pact with Viese, however the Mana requires Viese to read the lithograph in Aquitto Spring. Confused on how she should read the lithograph, Viese returned to Noir and talked to Yach.

Given a picture of The Wetlands in Belkhyde, Viese wrote a letter to Felt asking him to search for the half of missing Yach's father's note on how to decode ancient writing in lithographs. Finding the half of Yugen Diary bestows upon the player the recipe for creating Rainbow Cloth.

Atelier Iris 3

She is encountered in the Ancient Castle of Grimoire. Forced into a battle against Mana Boss, once defeated, Iris made a pact with her and bestows upon the player the Jiptus Blades Master.


Atelier Iris 2

As with other Manas, Jiptus governs over one of many elements in nature. She governs the poison element, and she helps Viese's synthesizes with items with poison as recurring theme or in poison based items. She also helps Felt in synthesizing weapons with dark affinity or poison as recurring theme.

She is most notable of helping Felt in synthesizing the Dark Azoth that grants the 'Forbidden Power' trait.

Atelier Iris 3

Jiptus; Maiden of Poison, is available as Edge's starting Blades Master aside from his Normal stance. When Edge utilizes her ability, Edge uses axes as his primary weapon and Edge can utilize a broad range of poison themed attacks. He can also prevent his enemies from doing any action by drawing them into Coffins, and he can debuff the enemy with his various skills. Jiptus is a power-styled Blades Master, with high strength but speed had to be greatly reduced as its compensation.

When summoned by Iris into battle, Jiptus debuffs the enemy by giving them Power Attack and Magic Attack Down.


  • Strangely enough in Atelier Iris 2, even though Aquitto Spring is restored, when Eden and Belkhyde merge in Episode 22, Aquitto Spring disappears again, making curing everyone in Eden is impossible because player cannot gain access to Aquitto Spring to cure any fossilized Mana in there. However, the player does not need to access Aquitto Spring to cure all fossilized Mana. You will still receive the reward if you un-fossilize everyone else.