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"Pamela decides to join Vayne's workshop, but as soon as she sees how bleak it looks, she begins to complain about being in a non - cute environment. With no other choice, Vayne gathers the cute items that Pamela wants, and decorates the workshop with them..."
          — Character Entry

Pamela Ibis (パメラ・イービス, Pamera Ibisu) or Pamela is a playable character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis. She is the ghost that previously appeared in the Atelier series. She was once a student at Al-Revis Academy until she was found dead. Her cause of death is unknown, and it is revealed if she leaves the Academy, she will die. She is voiced by Asuka Tanii in the Japanese port and Brianne Siddall for the NA localization.


Pamela appears as a young girl with purple eyes, pale complexion, and gray, slightly wavy hair. She has a slender build with average height, wearing the standard uniform for female Al-Revis Academy, a long blue coat with white and golden trimmings, and a white skirt with blue lining. She also wears purple stocking and white-blue sneakers. She wears a blue hairband with two purple ribbons from the side of her hairband, and her hair was braided with two large purple ribbons. She always appears with her teddy bear.

In her ending, Pamela appears of wearing a white, sleeveless simple dress.


Despite the fact that she is a very old chronologically, Pamela thinks and acts like a child. She is very sweet, albeit, sometimes she is manipulating. She is very soft and is very feminine. She can come off as mischievous, pulling pranks on new students, enjoying teasing other people. She also can come off as very manipulating, often faking her cry to make people do her bidding.

However, albeit manipulating and mischievous, Pamela is actually very kind, and she only wanted to help people. Even when sometimes she comes across as toying with people's emotions, her feelings can be genuine too. She often broods about the fact that she will never be able to leave the academy, unable to be with her friends. But in all, she is a very sweet and soft character, the more feminine character of the party.


Warning! The Atelier Wiki may spoil the story of the game. Read on your own risk!

Pre-Mana Khemia

Very little is known about her, except that she had been haunting the school for almost a century or two. In her character quest, it is revealed that she is once a student at Al-Revis Academy until she was found dead. Her cause of death is unknown, and she suffers from memory issues.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

During summer break in Chapter 3, she traumatized a student who fainted later on. During a new morning, the gang hears the friend of the traumatized student saying to another student what her friend saw was a ghost. Of course, nobody believed the friend of the traumatized student but later on another student in the Resource Center, fainted (which was Roxis) and another student was kidnapped by a monster who's taking him inside the bottom of the library. Vayne and co. decided to get to the bottom of this mystery and rescue the kidnapped student from the monster.

Once our heroes reach the bottom of the library, they fight the monster who is revealed to be one of Pamela's monster friends, and the reason he kidnapped the student was that he's in love with Pamela and didn't see her for a while so he became jealous. In the end, they defeat him and he runs off. Pamela is surprised by the party's strength, then back in the workshop, Flay introduces her and explains that Pamela is a ghost who lived in the Al-Revis Academy. She's a summer tradition that the upperclassmen hid her from freshmen until summer break. Pamela scares the new kids during the break, but this year Pamela couldn't wait any longer and mistakenly scares a few people. The group interests her enough for her to join, as she was once a student at the academy, so she can join their workshop as an extra addition to the group.

Character Quest

Chapter One

Story: "I was so let down today. The workshop I joined isn't cute. It can't be helped, since it is Flay's place, but still. When I told Vayne, he got me really cute things. They were so cute, I decorated the Library instead. Vayne is so nice. I think he'll listen to anything I say."

Pamela's character quest begins with a complaint about the workshop being in such a plain environment. With no other choice, Vayne gathers the cute items that Pamela wants and decorates the workshop with them.

Chapter Two

Story: "My library was taken over by a monster! But the students were happy about it. I was mad. I took my group to go get rid of the monster. But everyone's so mean. When we beat the monster, they said I was bad for not doing my job. Sure I slack off sometimes, but they're just mean. I was so sad and hurt, I left Vayne to clean-up."

In Chapter 2, it is revealed that as the ghost of the library, she has a responsibility to organize all the books, clean up the trash, and keep the library under control. But some after she became bored of doing it so she instead stopped doing any of those chores and started joining the people who disturbed the peace. She became angry when she found out that a Lonely Wraith had replaced her and did a much better job than her, and so tried to get rid of him. She almost succeeded until a group of students defended him and because of her jealousy, he was hurt pretty badly. She quickly made her escape and left Vayne and the others to take the responsibility for the mess.

Chapter Three

Story: "I've had enough of Anna's crazy assumptions. A tear came out because I yawned, and then she was seriously going to kill me. I was saved because everyone else was sacrificed, but still. Well, Anna was worried about me since I'm a ghost and can never legally graduate from this school... Maybe I should think about my own future a little more."

In Chapter 3, Pamela was bored and became sleepy. She let out a loud yawn and shed a tear and told everyone that she would sleep in the library. Anna notices the tear and thought that Pamela had become depressed about her status as a ghost and so, decided to set her free. The next morning, Pamela came screaming at the workshop and tolled everyone that Anna was trying to kill her. The group tries to stop her while Vayne and Pamela hides, but all failed. Anna eventually found her, but before she did anything, Pamela explained herself and Anna instead left her with a message that she should think about what she wants.

Chapter Four

Story: "I started serious alchemy. Everyone drank my medicine and told me it was good. But, they were taken to the Infirmary afterwards... I was so shocked when I heard that, but Vayne could have put a little more thought into how he said it... I need to do something else. What I want to do... What I should do... "

In Chapter 4, Pamela became serious with her alchemy that she made a medicine. Pamela then used her feminine charms to make some students taste it. They said it was good before passing out. It appears that Pamela's medicines are dangerous because they poison the victim so much that they could die. But the gang cured the victims of the medicine by using a Cure Jar but is unable to stop Pamela from gathering more ingredients for her medicines. The gang tried to talk to her but she used her medicine on Roxis who fainted like the other victims, her adorable looks able to overcome even his knowledge that drinking it would be a bad idea. The gang then split up to find Pamela and stop her for good. Vayne later finds her in the Resource Center and asks her in the name of everyone that she will stop making them. Pamela agrees only to leave the Resource Center depressed.

On another day, Vayne goes to talk with Pamela to see if she is still sad about the request of the gang about her medicines but she say it's fine. Then Vayne asks her why she seems so sad lately which makes her angrier and leaves the place making his friends mad at him for making Pamela sadder.

Chapter Five

Story: "Hmm... Vayne caught me. I was trying to secretly escape from the school, because I want to graduate with everyone else. I was sad when I heard that I can't leave, but I'm okay now. Vayne promised me that he'll find a way to get me out of here. I'm sure he'll keep his promise. I mean, he's listened to all my selfishness until now."


Being a ghost, Pamela lacks a physical body, and thus she has the ability to get through inanimate beings such as walls or windows. When she was still alive, she apparently made a pact with the Mana of Life, contained in her teddy bear. She is also immune to physical damage since she lacks a physical body although she can still be damaged by a magic attack.

In Battle

Pamela is, arguably, the second-tier best mage in the party, placing the second after Jess who significantly has a higher HP cap. She is the weakest character physically, but her high magic is enough to cover for this weakness. Her Grow Book also bestows her the ability to nullify any physical-based damage, also covering for her small defense. Pamela is a very flexible character who can switch from attacking to healing easily, making her suitable for front-line combat.

Her Finishing Burst is My Gift To You, with Teddy revealing his true self to deal super damage. Its attribute is Magic, which targets a single enemy and hits for x5 HIT.


Skills Table - Grow Book
Name MP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Phantom Touch None Magic Blood sucker teddy attack ATK Support Self Heal SP Single enemy x2 HIT
Bear Shift None None Null an attack in place of an ally. DEF Support None Self Only
My Gift To You None Magic Teddy reveals his true self. Super damage. Finishing Burst None Single Enemy x5 HIT
Chomp Chomp 40 MP Magic Teddy bear transforms to deal damage. ATK Skill Curse Single enemy x4 HIT
Poltergeist 21 MP Magic Antique furniture crashes to deal small damage. ATK Skill None Range(M) x1 HIT
No Bullying! 75 MP Magic Change sadness to power. The lower your HP, the higher the damage dealt. ATK Skill None Single Enemy
Immortal Body None Magic If defeated during battle, auto-revive after a few turns. SUP Skill Full SP on revival Self only
Have Fun None None Summons monster to help. None List Skill None
Kiss 2 Bear 40 MP Magic Teddy bear suction. ATK Skill Drain enemy HP Single enemy x4 HIT
Kiss 3 Bear 80 MP Magic Teddy bear's scary suction deals medium damage. ATK Skill Drain enemy HP Single Enemy x3 HIT
Kiss 2 Everyone 163 MP Magic Teddy bear's amazing lung power deals medium damage ATK Skill Drain enemy HP, healing all allies All enemy x4 HIT
List Skill - Have Fun
Name HP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Slimy Poof 41% HP Ice Call upon a ghost that sleeps deep in the ground. ATK Skill Poison All Enemies x1 HIT
Happy Twins 22% HP Magic Call upon the twin ghosts. ATK Skill Seal Single Enemy x1 HIT
Seeker 70% HP None Call upon a gentleman to null the enemy's weakness, resistance and traits SUP Skill None Single Enemy
Goopy Drop 17% HP Magic Drop a Zombie Puni ATK Skill Cole gain up Range(M) x1 HIT
Friends 36% HP Magic Friends attack for you ATK Skill Time skill, place 1 timecard, lasts for 2 turns Single Enemy x4 HIT
Bear 64% HP Magic Teddy bear gains strength from Pamela and powers up, dealing great damage. ATK Skill None Single enemy x7 HIT
Freeze Bomb 14% HP Ice An eerie ghost sends chills down your spine, dealing medium damage ATK Skill Sleep Single Enemy x1 HIT
Let's Be Friends 31% HP Magic A droopy ghost clings dealing medium damage ATK Skill Slow Single Enemy x1 HIT


  • Her name, Pamela, is an English female name. Pamela is a combined name of two Greek words, namely πᾶς (pan, meaning 'all') and μέλι (meli, meaning 'honey'). This may refer to her sweet attitude.
  • Her last name, which is Ibis, has its roots from the German "ibis", a kind of bird. In the short story titled "The Scarlet Ibis", this bird is a symbol foreshadowing character's death, making up for Pamela as a ghost.


  • Although her in-game render has her hair color as gray, her sprite has her hair color as light purple. This is likely a reference to Pamela as she appears in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.
  • Pamela is the eldest character among the cast.
  • Judging from her appearance, Pamela is likely a Sophomore before she died.
  • Pamela's mom bought her teddy bear for her before she went to Al-Revis Academy and allows the Mana she pact with, the Mana of Life, to live inside it.
  • She reveals that she likes bears for their flavor, especially the right paw dipped in honey.
  • Her first character quest may refer to her counterpart in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm. In AI3, she requested someone to find Huffin Blossom to decorate the library. In MK, she wants "cute things" to decorate the workshop.
  • Despite the fact she stood taller than Nikki, the latter standing at 4'9", in the credit, it is shown that Nikki is slightly taller than her. This may due to the fact that Nikki has a standing strand of hair, appearing as an antenna.
  • When she sees a barrel, she will say "Ba~re~ll~"
  • When you confront her in the Resource Center before Chapter 7's Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia contest, she will say "Oh, Vayne? Did you come up here just to see me?"