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Awin Sidelet is a supporting character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Awin is a balloon-mechanic working in Colseit's engineering team and is responsible for all maintenance around Colseit.[1]

He's a caring person[2] and admires the adventurer Reyfer Luckberry[3]. Since he is very knowledgeable about mechanical arts, he provides assistance with various sides of investigations. Ever since he was young, he has been good with his hands and is skilled with building various things. His dream is to find the paradise that's located somewhere at the "Edge of the World", a place known only in legends. He is very resolved to fulfill his dream, with it being the driving force behind his decision to became an engineer.

Even if he is Escha's cousin, she has since long called him "big brother".[4]


Awin is a balloon-mechanic who assists Escha and Logy with their work, such as taking part in their investigations and helping with building a mighty airship called the Dreadnought to reach the Unexplored Ruins. He is the first party member outside of Escha and Logy to join the group. His character quests first starts with him and his job as a engineer doing various jobs around Colseit, but later shift to his ambition to build the Dreadnought.

Later in the game, both Escha and Logy find Awin researching a place called the "Edge of the World"; a place that according to legends, is where the world ends. Beyond that is a green paradise where glowing flower bloom awaits. Eventually, he manages to find a book containing the reports of the Expedition Corps in charge of finding the Edge of the World. Though baffled by the "major failure" the report talks about, the group decides to use the information left behind to lead them to a new location called the Ends of the Earth. After traveling far enough to the west, the group finally reaches the Ends of the End, where the supposed paradise is found. But instead, they find a sea of clouds beyond a rocky cliff, leaving Awin confused until he spots something on the ground. After picking it up, Awin finds out it's an old notebook belonging to the Expedition Corps and begins to read it. They soon find out that the "major failure" they spoke of was not being able to find the paradise in order to make sure the sacrifices they made were not in vain and that since so many hopes and dreams were resting upon them, the captain decided to lie about not finding the Edge of the World cause he was too ashamed to let everyone know about they really found there and at least wanted be remembered as heroes by those who had fallen. After Awin finishes reading, Logy suggests that they should keep this a secret since the news of Expedition Corps' true last report would end up causing chaos and decides to leave the note where it is cause "it feels like the note belongs here" and returns back to Corseit with a quiet Awin. After returning, Escha and Logy decides to check up on Awin to see if he's alright. He tells them that he's alright and that even though he was a bit disappointed about not finding the paradise at the Edge of the World, Awin still believes that the paradise spoken in the legends still exists somewhere beyond the sea of clouds and plans to build a ship of his own to continue where the Expedition Corps left off: Searching for the legendary green paradise somewhere in the dusk sky.

He has his own character ending, and there is both an Escha and Logy version of his ending.


He joins the party at the beginning of the game, before leaving Colseit for the first time, at level 3. His defense and HP is high, and his special move is called Infinity Spiral.


Awin uses his handmade modified hammer in battle[5].


He can equip clothes, light armors and heavy armors.


Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Double Impact Level 7 10 MP Deals physical damage to the target, and reduces their defense. Single enemy Physical
Sparkbitter Level 15 18 MP Wind damage to the target, and has a chance to weaken (2 time cards). Small enemy area Wind
Break Impact Level 25 24 MP Physical damage to the target, and increases damage taken by 15%. Single enemy Physical
Infinity Spiral Level 30 0 MP Finishing Attack. Deals massive physical damage to the target. Single enemy Physical

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Mech Knowledge Level 10 Heals HP every turn, and increases HP regeneration while in the back line.
Master Crusher Level 20 Increases damage bonus from critical hits, and reduces waiting time after using skills.

Chain skills

Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens Support Guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Power Impact "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Perform a high-power Support Attack. Single enemy
Shock Hit After 6th character joins 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Physical damage and reduces maximum HP a small amount. Single enemy
Grand Slam "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals physical damage to the target, and reduces its maximum HP. Single enemy




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