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Solle Grumman is a supporting character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

Solle is a busy young man in charge of the subdivision's budget[1]. Naturally, this also means that he is extremely good with money. He usually seems uninterested in most things and also uses harsh language when dealing with people[1]. His peers consider him a strict person[2] who is rational and efficient. He values hard workers and criticizes people who he deems as 'lazy'. He loves sweets and is always eating something. His main hobby is making sweets during his spare time, as it helps him relax after a hard day.

He gets along extraordinarily well with his homunculi co-workers, due to his ability to make delicious sweets. He has shown to be jealous when the homunculi get along with other people, such as Lucille.


Atelier Escha & Logy

Requests are recieved from Solle, and he can be found in the general affairs office[3]. Solle is the son of Colland Grumman. Colland has raised him so he will become a great government official, but their relationship is not a close one due to this.

Atelier Shallie

Solle continues to work for the government. He is the person who was officially sent out to investigate Stellard along with Escha Malier. The government also wants him to establish a branch in Stellard, but the Corporation refuses to cooperate with him. After being unlocked via DLC & defeating the Sand Dragon in CH.5, Solle will accompany the Shallies in their investigations due to wanting to see things that isn't on a report with his own eyes.


In Atelier Shallie, Solle fights by relying on his Homunculi co-workers for the physical part while giving them commands during battle. While not physically capable on fighting solo like the other characters, Solle makes up for it by being the tactician of the group, having the skills to command the Homunculi to respond & react in every possible scenario during battle. His Field Burst, Hom Cheer, is incredibly useful in grinding for high level Properties, such as the various "Soul" Properties from fighting the Phoenix of the Sea on 'No Hope' mode when combined with an auto recovery item, such as an Elixir.


Management Board LV 6 0 0 28 0 0
Plan Board LV 13 0 0 45 0 0
Operation Plan Board LV 22 0 0 58 0 0



Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description Element Target
Hom Attack Squad N/A 20 MP Adds 1 time card Physical Enemy, medium area
Hom Refuel Squad N/A 20 MP KO Revival, increase Burst Gauge, Adds 1 time card. None Single ally
Hom Backup Squad N/A 40 MP Increase ATK,SPD,and DEF. Decreases damage by 25%. Adds 1 time card. None All allies
Hom Charge N/A 40 MP Physical Damage & Decreases enemy ATK. Physical Enemy, small area
Hom Dispatch N/A 100 MP Physical damage & chance to attack again. Physical Single enemy
Hom Beating N/A 70 MP Physical damage & Crit rate down. Physical All enemies
Assist Attack Default 0 MP Attack while trading places with front line unit. Physical Single enemy
Hom's Home Default 0 MP Physical damage & DEF down. (Only usable during Burst) Physical Single enemy
Hom All Out Attack Default 0 MP Physical damage + Negates stat increase (Only usable during Burst, Variable Strike) Physical Single enemy
Assist Guard Default 0 MP Reduces damage by 30%, trade places with front line unit. None Single ally
Hom Sacrifice Default 0 MP Reduces damage by 100%, trade places with front line unit. None Single ally
Hom Cheer Default 0 MP Selectable when in the rear line at start of Burst. High chance of avoiding a KO & increases Crit rate while active. None All allies
Cool Brain N/A 0 MP Ailment effect decreases by 50%. None User only
Skillful Hands N/A 0 MP Acc & Crit hit rate increases by 30%. None User only
Veteran Pateshe N/A 0 MP All Assist Skill effects greatly increase. None User + All allies
Hom Super Default 0 MP (Full Ultimate Gauge) Deals a large amount of non-attribute damage. None Single enemy