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Staves are a recurring weapon type in the Atelier series, mainly associated with alchemists, and thus being the most symbolic weapon overall. They have appeared since Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg.


Atelier Marie

Atelier Elie

Atelier Lilie

Atelier Judie

Atelier Viorate

Atelier Rorona

Staves can be equipped by Rorona.

List of staves:

  • Alchemy Staff
  • Siphon Rod
  • Spirit Staff
  • Angel Staff
  • Legendary Staff
  • Seven Star Staff

Atelier Totori

Staves can be equipped by Totori and Rorona. Each one has her own set of staves that can be equipped.

The Alchemy Staff.

List of Totori staves:

  • Alchemy Staff
  • Metal Staff
  • Energetic Staff
  • Magic Staff
  • Scary Staff

List of Rorona staves:

  • Master's Rod
  • Guardian Rod
  • Angel Staff
  • Sage's Staff
  • 7-Star Rod

Atelier Meruru

Atelier Ayesha

Staves can be equipped by Ayesha. All of her staves have floral designs.

List of staves:

  • Flower Tree Staff
  • Fragrant Staff
  • Ebony Staff
  • Floral Staff
  • Fairy Queen Staff

Atelier Escha & Logy

Staves are equipped by Escha.

List of staves:

  • Traditional Staff
  • Golden Wing Staff
  • Feather Staff
  • Sky Alchemy Staff
  • Lifetree Staff

Atelier Shallie

Staves can be equipped by Escha and Ayesha.

List of Escha staves:

  • Sky Alchemy Staff
  • Golden Blue Staff
  • Golden Wing Staff
  • Lifetree Staff

List of Ayesha staves:

  • Flower Tree Staff
  • Fragrant Staff
  • Floral Staff
  • Fairy Queen Staff

Atelier Sophie

Main article: Weapons (Atelier Sophie)#Staves

Sophie is the only character that can equip staves.

List of staves:

  • Starting Staff
  • Flourish Heart
  • Wandering Staff
  • Prosper Heart
  • Eternal Cycle Staff

Atelier Firis

Staves can be equipped as a first weapon by Firis, Ilmeria and Sophie, and as a secondary weapon by Kald and Oskar. In this game, staves normal attack are a magic shot instead of a blow. Like other weapons, some staves can only be equipped by certain character.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle