Miruca Crotze

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"The young shop owner of a small atelier"
          — Official description

Miruca Crotze is a character in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

Miruca is a budding alchemist who has devoted herself to studying new techniques for alchemy. Most of her education came from her studies in Central, and she now runs a small atelier in Stellard. She dedicates hours of her time to researching items that she's used or created using alchemy. She doesn't have many friends and is a very quiet and honest person, even if her honesty isn't always appreciated. She is the childhood friend of Shallotte and Albert and the younger sister of Jurie Crotze.

Although her and her sister are spending time apart and leading different lives, the two seem to love each other and have a strong connection.



Miruca uses the pile driver.


Miruca can wear any armor that both Shallies can wear, which is light shirts.


Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Nail Shot Default 0 MP Normal attack. Single enemy Physical
Rainy Spin Level 5 23 MP Magic damage. Activates 2 time cards. Single enemy Magic
Tri Burst Level 10 34 MP Physical damage. Increased Break value. Delays turn. Single enemy Physical
Charge Burst Level 15 48 MP Physical damage (powers up depending on how many time cards are active). Single enemy Physical
Squall Arm Level 20 73 MP Magic damage. Activates 3 time cards (only active when in front line). Single enemy Magic
Medical Shot Level 25 51 MP HP recovery (depends on attack power). Revive from KO. Activates 1 time card. All allies Magic
Stun Burst Level 30 80 MP Physical damage. Delays the enemy’s turn. Single enemy Physical
Storm Spin
Knock Burst
Weakness Maker Physical damage (Power increases based on active time cards), Causes weakness to magic damage. Replaces Charge Burst. Single enemy Physical
Full Auto Level 30 0 MP

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Analytical Skills Level 10
Iron Guard Level 15
Wisdom of Central Level 20
Hidden Fightning Spirit Level 25

Assist skills

Skill Learning condition Description Target Attribute
Assist Attack Additional attack. Trade places with front line unit.
Bomber Shot
Sky Trap
Assist Guard Takes damage in place of the front line character. Reduces damage by 30% and the character will survive with 1 HP even if the attack would otherwise result in a KO.


Miruca has learned her alchemy at Central, unlike Shallote and Shallistera. Her alchemy consists of imbuing weapons for both Shallies. In Shallotte's route, it is hinted that she makes weapons for others also, but isn't mentioned in Shallistera's route.


  • The concept artwork titles her as "rival", though in the final game she is a supporting character to both the protagonists.