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The Fire Lord (also called the Lord of Fire) is a character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


Acting on the advice of Wilbell, Escha and Logy visit the Fire Lord at the Searing Wastes when seeking a power source for the new airship. Upon arrival they encounter the Fire Lord, but find it enraged as its fire was taken from its alter by previous humans. Escha and Logy return to Colseit and synthesize a new Spirit Gem for the Fire Lord's altar. As thanks for restoring its altar, the Fire Lord grants them the Fire Lord's Bless, a material that has a "very strong and steady flame" and is suitable for constructing a 3rd Gen Engine.

As an enemy

The Fire Lord is fought as a test of strength to determine if Wilbell is able to form a pact with it or not. The fight can be taken anytime after Wilbell reaches Friend Level 60. After defeating it, Willbell's Wind Call skill will be upgraded to Twin Call to reflect her formed pact with the Fire Lord.

Lord of Fire
A15 Lord of Fire.png Lv Species Description
50 Alchemic "A powerful fire spirit. It was widely worshiped by more primitive men."
15000 246 140 204 100 25 75 75
Habitat Items Cole Exp
Searing Wastes Legend Weapon
Spirit Magnet
Mythic Clothes
700 800


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