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Threia Hazelgrimm is a playable character in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Threia is an historian from Central City and an acquaintance of Marion Quinn. She specializes in ruin investigation and researching the history of the past era.

Described as being a bit "troublesome" by Marion, she often appears calm, but is somewhat easily upset. Escha even described her as "a little bit scary" after their first encounter. She does not associate much with other people and finds social disposition as nothing but trouble.

She has a little bit of alchemic knowledge from her researches of the flourishing era of the land, but is not an alchemist and cannot perform synthesis. She dislikes to only analyze material reported by the researcher team and does field work without regard to the risks. When devoted to her research, she sometimes neglects cleaning, eating, and sleeping, sometimes resulting in that she is unable to work at her workplace. Her uncle is wanted for various crimes, including destruction of alchemy institutions, and her family are treated like accomplices. However, when asked about information about her uncle she claims to not know anything about him and she does not admire her uncle.

She does not get along very well with Reyfer Luckberry.


Threia is a history researcher who came from Central City to Colseit. She aids the R&D team, and contributes with information on ruins and the past throughout the game. She is available as a playable character, and has her own ending.

Threia is encountered early in the game during the second assignment when Escha and Logy investigate the Southern Ruins. Escha and Logy have been informed of the arrival of a specialist from Central, but to their surprise they see a woman (Threia) arguing with two men (Reyfer and Harry). Unable to tell which one is the specialist, the player will be allowed to choose who to follow. How she is encountered a second time differs depending on the player's choice, but she will join the party no matter what.

In her character events she will two times ask Escha and Logy to follow her on ruin investigations, and the Eternity Workshop in the Lab of Eternity can only be unlocked from one of her character events.


Depending of the choice in the Southern Ruins, she can join the party during second assignment's free time (if chosen to follow her) or at the beginning of third assignment (if chosen to follow Reyfer and Harry). Her starting level will be the same as Escha and Logy. Threia uses her earrings as a catalyst to use special abilities in battle. With her abilities, she is capable of decreasing the stats of enemies. She possesses high MP and speed, but lacks in HP and defense. Her special move is called Ancient Gem.


Threia can equip earrings.


She can equip clothes and light armors.


Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Rose Spike Level 7 20 MP Physical damage and reduces its attack power. Single enemy Physical
Analyze Level 15 29 MP Water damage and greatly increases the next damage it receives. Single enemy Water
Discord Level 25 50 MP Physical damage and decreases its critical hit chance. Single enemy Physical
Ancient Gem Level 30 0 MP Finishing Attack. Deals massive physical damage to the target. Single enemy Physical

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Determination Level 10 Reduces effectiveness of status ailments, and increases dodge chance.
Ironclad Body Level 20 Reduces physical damage received, and provides total immunity to turn-delaying effects.

Chain skills

Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens Support Guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Area Attack "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Increases Support Attack area from “single target” to “small area”. Small enemy area
Jade Calamity After 6th character joins 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Physical damage and reduces all its stats by a small amount. Single enemy
Catastrophe "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals physical damage to the target and decreases all of its stats. Single enemy


  • Her earrings appears to be a historical Black Box lump left behind from premodern times[1][2].
  • Threia came in ninth place in Gamer's Atelier Escha & Logy character popularity voting, and shared the position with Clone, Katla, and Flameu.[3]