Lab of Eternity

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"Enormous complex of underground ruins"
          — Area description

Lab of Eternity is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Lab of Eternity is a set of research ruins from a past civilization, with an apparent focus on plant research. A few of its areas boast a plant theme. A Geosys facility can be seen in the Herb Garden which further supports the hypothesis for the facility's past purpose.

The Rogue Guardian can be fought in the Blooming Path area after all other bosses in the game have been defeated (Plus/DX).


Escha and Logy are first sent to the Lab of Eternity in Term 8. They complete a set of missions there to explore its depths and later deliver items to branch officials deployed there.

If Threia's Friend Level is high enough, an event will trigger where they will return to the Lab of Eternity and enter the previously inaccessible Atelier of Eternity. There, they find an intact room that was also dedicated to past research as well as a notebook left behind by someone who was recently there.


Entrance Cistern Material Storage Lab Ruins - Central
Lab Ruins - Depths Atelier of Eternity Blooming Path Herb Garden


Gatherable Items
Ancient Jerky Rough Disk Bendy Materia Rot Snake Skin
Empty Core Gold Spiky Fruit Taun Mutated Taun
Trio Taun Salt Leaf ...ETC


Black Box Watchman Flame Scythe Yellow Spirit
Flounder Rogue Guardian


Term Assignment Description Requirements
8 New Ruins Head into the depths of the newly discovered ruins. Investigate the deepest part of the ruins.
8 Laboratory Ruins - Depths Investigate the Laboratory Ruins - Depths! Gather information on the materials in this area. Gather at Laboratory of Eternity (Laboratory Ruins: Depths).
8 Antique Delivery Deliver Antiques! An ongoing investigation into alchemy is taking place at the Laboratory of Eternity. Deliver Aroma Materia (x2), Elaborate Screw (x3), or (Antique, x50), to Lab of Eternity.