The Palace of Paupers

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"A land not on any map discovered by Harry. He says that the place is populated with incredible creatures. What will happen to Escha and Logy?"
          — Add-on Description

The Palace of Paupers is a dungeon only found in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. This is the first part of a two-part special dungeon that can only be unlocked through downloadable content, the second part being the Palace Depths.


After unlocking the dungeon, an event occurs where Escha and Logy are in their workshop when a panicked Harry comes in. He explains that he had just discovered a large, mysterious ruin that is not on any of Colseit's, or on any map whatsoever, located near the Upland Forest. He goes on to explain that the ruin appears to be different to the other ruins nearby and before he could explore any further, he was attacked by a monster and ran off to tell the two. Logy thinks that a ruin that is not on any map might sound like something worth investigating, so Harry prepares a simple map for them. He also warns them that if they are planning to explore the ruin to proceed with utmost caution cause since the ruins are far more dangerous than they could imagine.

After the group reaches the ruins, the first thing they notice is a collapsed entrance along with trees and flowers. As they proceed onward, the group continues to find greenery, old gears, and collapsed walls as they make their way to what appears to be a long abandoned castle. Before they make their way any further, the group are stopped by the first and second boss, Overlord and Regalveig, and have to defeat them both one after the other in order to continue. If the player has already unlocked the Palace Depths, they can continue onward inside the castle.


Gatherable Items
Gold Spiky Fruit Trio Taun Dried Grass Decade Taro
White Salat Salt Leaf Earth Root Gold Meat
Dragon Bone Ext. Bird Egg ...ETC


Diamond Rat Pandora Officer Porter
Pico-Slag Overlord Regalveig


A Terribly Pretty Place




  • The Palace of Paupers was released for the U.S. in April 8, 2014 and in Europe on April 9, 2014 for free just one month after the games' release, along with Wilbell as a DLC character.
  • Unlike the previous DLC dungeons, the Palace of Paupers and the Palace Depths are actually two parts of the same dungeon. The Palace of Paupers takes place outside of the palace while the Palace Depths takes place inside.