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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Xe is a character that appears in Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2 and Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze.

Xe is the wise receptionist and librarian of the Kenntnis Academy. Her work is very busy, and she has no time to deal with much in the way of window shoppers or idle chat. She also has the ability to sleep with her eyes open, and sometimes does so while at work.

She likes to scare others with ghost stories from the academy.


Atelier Elie

Xe is the receptionist who works at the front entrance of the Kentonisu Academy. She works as a librarian and shopkeeper as well as a receptionist, and will sell books and items.

Originally from El Bador, Xe moved to Kentonisu after she allegedly read every book that the Kent Academy had to offer. She has been interested in literature since she was young, and continues to use any free time that she has reading books. Because she originated from El Bador, her eyes are two different colors. 

Xe has a fear of lightning and thunder. Half of her house burnt down when she was a child after it was struck by lightning.[2]

Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis

Xe is the receptionist at the Kenntnis Academy. She sells rare items, and is a possible pen pal for Marie.

If Anis visits her during the summer months she'll scare her with one of her stories.


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