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Cross Edge (クロスエッジ), is a roleplaying video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game features characters from the Atelier series alongside characters from Idea Factory, Capcom, Nippon Ichi Software and Namco Bandai.


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Atelier Characters Appearing in Cross Edge

Marie appears as the sole representative of her game, Atelier Marie. She automatically joins the main characters York and Miko, and Morrigan from Darkstalkers, in the beginning of the story and runs the game's synthesis shop when Save Points are introduced. Marie can craft items and equipment for the party provided the player collects recipes throughout the game. As she crafts more often, her Alchemy Level rises and she can create better gear while also reducing her chances of failure (if she tries to craft a high level item made from rare ingredients at an Alchemy Level of 2, for example, it is highly possible for her to screw it up). 

Raze, Lily, Whim and Reicher appear as the representatives of their game, Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. Like Marie, Raze and the girls join the party automatically, so there are no requirements to obtaining them. However, because he is an antagonist, Reicher cannot be recruited unless the player is playing the game on Hard mode and has followed the True End route precisely to the note. 

Due to the game's emphasis on costumes for the female party members, Marie and Lily (and Whim by association) can change their outfits, which visibly changes their in-game artwork during conversations and cutscenes. In addition, due to the necessity of alchemy towards the game's True End, Marie arguably plays one of the most important roles toward obtaining it among the automatically recruited cast members. 

Because Cross Edge was released in the U.S. before Mana Khemia 2, many North American players were not sure who Raze, Lily, Whim and Reicher were despite their game was already set for English localization; in Japan, Mana Khemia 2 was released first, so gamers there obviously knew the cast better. This game, incidentally, also marks Marie's first official playable appearance in the U.S. since Atelier Marie was never localized. 

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