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Marie Lovely Bomber is an exclusive version of the character Marlone from the game Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg.

She was released the 25th, January 2024, during a special temporary event called Global Launch LEGEND FES.


An energetic, tomboyish alchemist who studied alchemy at the academy in a certain town. She now travels across the regions of Lantarna in search of the truth of alchemy. While she is bright and friendly, she can be lazy and a little careless at times. Her tendency to solve problems with bombs has also earned her a reputation as a bomb enthusiast.

"I'm Marlone from Salburg Academy. I hope my alchemy can be of some assistance."
          — Marie Lovely Bomber


★ 3 Marie / Lovely Bomber (Fire/Breaker)

  • Vivid Inspiration: Boosts stun damage by 10% when attacking a weakness.
  • Poison Resist Up: Boosts poison resistance by 30%.


1,662 557 674 239 414 427

Attribute Resistance

Fire Ice Lightning Wind Slash Strike Stab
5% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%


  • Lunatic Sphere (Fire/One) - After attacking, reduces target's Fire resistance by 10% for 5 attacks,
Damage Level
61% 5
  • Multi Bomb Throw (Fire/All) - After attacking, boosts own stun damage by 60% for 1 turn.
Damage Level
120% 5
  • Moon and Star Sonata - After attacking, boosts stun damage the target receives by 50% for 3 attacks.
Damage Level
400% 5


"Wow, you got something good!"
          — Login Bonus Screen
"Yes, leave it to me!"
          — Character selection.
"Leave it to me!"
          — When her turn is coming.
"Let's do our best."
          — When her turn is coming.
"All set!"
          — On standby during battle.
"I'll show you my determination!"
          — On standby during battle.
"Let's go at our own pace."
          — On standby during battle.
"My turn!"
          — On standby during battle.
"Well done!"
          — When cheering another character during battle.
"Hey! Hey! This too! Bonus!"
          — When using Multi Bomb Throw.
"Leave it to me! Here, here, here!"
          — When using Multi Bomb Throw.
"I can do everything right now!"
          — When getting Boost Skill Damage in battle.
"Yay! Great victory!"
          — When clearing a battle.


1. Magic Blessing: Boosts magic attack damage by 3~30%.
2. Might curse: Boosts physical damage target receives by 1~8% for 1 attack.
3. Stun Damage Boost: Boosts stun damage by 2~15%.

- If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a Rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%.

Color: Purple/Green


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