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Whim is a playable character appearing in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy and the PS3 game Cross Edge.

Whim is the loyal maid and servant to Lily. She is a water Mana who has been serving the Vehlendorf family for generations & has a fondness of dressing like a maid.

She refers to her master Lily as 'Miss Lily' and is greatly devoted to her, even performing all of Lily's battle commands for her in combat. Whim has a tendency to be very blunt, which can sometimes cause her to be 'punished' by Lily often. She goes to great lengths in order to please Lily, and travels with her wherever she goes, even following her to Al-Revis Academy.

Whim's true form as a water mana is that of a mermaid, with a similar appearance of Undine.


Both Lily & Whim share the same skill set as Whim does all the fighting while Lily gives the commands.

Skill Table - Grow Book
Name SP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Ice Axel / Ice Blizzard 20 SP Magic / Water Icy spear deals damage. ATK Skill Inflicts freeze status. Range (Large) x1 HIT
Cold Sweets / Frozen Sweets 30 SP Magic / Water Deals great damage. ATK Skill Turns enemy into sweets. Single enemy x6 HIT
Rainy Spear / Rainy Mega Spear 30 SP Physical Rain of icy spears deals damage. ATK Skill

Time Skill

Places 3 Time Spheres Range (Large) x3 HIT
Icicle Cannon / Frozen Cannon 50 SP Magic / Water Icy damage deals great damage. ATK Skill

Time Skill

Inflicts Slow All enemies x1 HIT
Glacier / Glacieration 40 SP Magic / Water Deals small damage. ATK Skill

Charge Skill

Null Enemy Resist / Activate Ice Blade: Great Damage Single enemy x1 HIT
Ice Blade None Magic / Water Icy blade deals great damage. [Can only be used after using Glacier / Glacieration first.] ATK Skill

Charge Skill

None Single enemy x1 HIT
Diamond Dust None Magic / Water Spinning Whim freezes the surrounding area. ATK Support Inflicts Freeze Row (L) x3 HIT
Blizzard Tackle None Magic / Water Whim deals damage as an icy bullet. Co-op Skill [First Intimate Strike] None Single enemy x1 HIT
Tsunami Blue End None Magic / Water Whim's erupting water pillar does great damage. ATK Skill

Co-op Skill [Second Intimate Strike.]

None Single enemy x6 HIT
Water Territory None N/A Reduce damage. DEF Skill Null any Water element attacks Ally Vanguard
Water Treat None Magic Whim's power of Mana grants SP recovery. DEF Skill

Intimate Guard Skill

Recovers most SP for allies in battle Ally Vanguard

Her & Lily's Finishing Strike is Metamorphnaga: Where Lily backs away from Whim as she changes into her mana form and attacks the enemy by shooting them into the air with a massive tidal wave before freezing it & then shattering the frozen tidal wave by piercing through it with her trident before changing back & rejoining Lily's side. It's a Magic / Water type that attacks a single enemy with x3 HIT.

(Note: Whim & Lily's upgrade skill can only be triggered through side events, not by Grow Book.)