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Puniyo a playable character in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy.

Puniyo is a mysterious human girl that is adopted by the Puni Brothers. She can only speak Puni language, but she understands human language as well. She thinks she is a Puni, but to prepare for the day when she must face the truth, her brothers take her to Al-Revis Academy.

Puniyo is usually be found riding on one of her brothers, Puni Jiro. Whenever Puniyo talks to a human, Jiro always translate it. Although she is young, she acts mature for her age. Even though Puniyo is normally helpful and cooperative, she seems to have a stubborn streak in her, due to the brothers spoiling her.

She resembles the Puni Mages of the Atelier Iris games, which normally appear with Puni-type enemies.

Battle Tips

Puniyo has a very high magic stat which boosts her healing abilities and magic offense but tends to have lower defenses for both physical and magic stats. She also has the second lowest health pool in the game besides Chloe if not equipped with high HP buff equipment, although you can use special items to boost her health permanently.

Her speed is average and she does not use any physical attacks. Puniyo also has a very powerful skill which allows her to cast a common skill twice which can be gained later in the game.

Due to her high magic stat, you can either form her into a defensive-passive healer, since she can easily revive allies or a powerful magic caster because of her double cast ability.

Nevertheless, it is recommended for you to increase her defenses as much as you can so that she will not faint easily in battle as she can heal multiple allies. You should also keep her as a vanguard so that she does not take much damage. Raising her SP is important to keep her constant healing abilities available.


  • Puni Ball: Puniyo learns this from the beginning. Swallow the enemy with one of her brothers and turns them into an elemental attack of their weakness if attack kills.
  • Puni Heal / Puni Cureheal: Heals one ally. Puni Cureheal can revive all allies and recover any status abnormalities.
  • Puni Healfull / Puni Allheal: Heals all the party members including vanguard and support. Can revive unconcious allies.
  • Dropping Puni-puni: Attack the enemy with raining Punis.
  • Puni Barrier: Protects all ally vanguards.
  • Puni Hurricane: Puniyo's first Intimate Strike.
  • Trio Punidrill: Puniyo's second Intimate Strike
  • Mix Puniheal: Puniyo's Intimate Guard. Heals the ally vanguard and add autoheal ability.
  • King Puni: Finishing Strike. All three Punis assimilate into a giant Puni and squash the enemy.