Ennarcia Dysler

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"Am I the only normal one here?"
          — Ennarcia

Ennarcia "Enna" Dysler is a playable character in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. He is a part of Ulrika's workshop.

Enna is a young boy who is fascinated with machinary. Desperate to get away from his overbearing older sister Etward, Enna finds himself at Al-Revis Academy. He joins Ulrika's workshop in order to get away from his sister, who is apart of Raze's workshop.

Although he is young, Enna is very intelligent and mature. He seems to be unlucky, however, and finds himself in the middle of trouble with his fellow team members at the workshop. He feels like somewhat of an outcast, as he is (according to Chloe), 'one of the only normal ones at Ulrika's workshop'. Enna is especially nice to Puniyo, who he seems to like more than the other people at the workshop, perhaps because he has a crush on her, or because he thinks that she's fascinating.

It's later revealed in the game that Enna and Et switched names when they were younger, because Et liked the way her brother's name sounded. When Ulrika suggest that Enna trade names back with his sister, it causes an argument, as Enna's sister has always had control over him.



Battle Tips

Being rather moderate, he has a good physical attack and defense. Similar to Et, most of Enna's skills are time-skills and his Support Attack can cancel enemy's turn. In Ulrika's team, his physical stats is below Pepperoni, but above Goto. However, Enna is recommended to be used in party, especially for his Advanced Interceptor, which blocks the enemy's time cards. His maximum Support Defense is also useful when the vanguard's HP is low.

Battle Quotes

  • "Restrain!" - Fast attack
  • "Let's just do it now!" - First strike
  • "Hey, they look tough..." - First strike, big enemy.
  • "Take this!" - Vertical Cannon / Missile
  • "Search mode on!" - Interceptor / Advanced Interceptor
  • "Explode!" - Knuckle Shot
  • "Electrocution!" - Lightning Blow
  • "Go now!" - Intimate Strike 1 / Spring Gimmick
  • "Rocket punch!" - Intimate Strike 2 / Gargan Puncher
  • "I'll protect you!" - Support Defense
  • "I'm getting serious now!" - Unite Mode
  • "Come here! Show 'em what you got!" - Finishing Strike / Gear of Gargan
  • "Okay now, shoot!" - Intimate Guard
  • "They were nothing!" - Victory