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Yun is a playable character in the second series of Mana Khemia, Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. He is a member of Raze's workshop.

Yun is a Fire Mana hired by Liliane for a year's duration with 5,000,000 Cole to work at Raze's workshop. Yun is a quiet and obedient Mana who does whatever his employer asks, however absurd it might be. 

He does not have a contractor currently, as his previous master died. His master left his young daughter behind, and Yun now has the responsibility of caring for her. He does odd jobs for students and teachers at Al-Revis Academy to gain extra money. Because he doesn't tell people about his motives, nobody seems to know what all of the money is for. In truth, he is gaining the money to support his master's daughter. Although he is expensive, he always does a good job.

In battle, he reverts to his original Mana form for his Finishing Strike. In this form his hair grows out and seems to be on fire, his claws extend, and he grows a pair of horns from his forehead. 

Battle Tips

Yun, like Raze has a very high physical offense stat which allows him to dish out powerful attacks. Although there is a slight difference, since Yun has a much less defense stat for both magic and physical. He is considered to be more weaker than Et and Raze. He has a good magic stat and has a high speed. Most of his attacks are just to inflict damage in one shot.


  • Fiery Fist: Yun learns this from the beginning. Attack the enemy with flame fist.
  • Flaming Suit: Powers up fire attack. Charge skill.
  • Blazing Cloth / Blazing Suit: Surrounds the enemy with a layer of fire and attack with fire ball. Lowers enemy's defense.
  • Flame Pillar: Throw a wave of fire. Grand fire damage.
  • Flame bomb / Speedy Flame Bomb: Throw a big fire ball. Double-up skill.
  • Flame Combo: Yun's first Intimate Strike
  • Exploding Dragon Shot: Yun's second Intimate Strike
  • Flare Berserker: Yun's Intimate Guard.
  • Avatar Yama: Finishing Strike. Yun released his true form and attack the enemy.

Battle Quotes

  • "I'm going first!" - First strike
  • "They got all the power they need..." - first strike, big enemy
  • "Burn!" - Blasting Cloth / Blasting Suit
  • "This is the end!" - released Flame Bomb / Speedy Flame Bomb
  • "Keep going!" - Intimate Strike 1, Flame Combo
  • "Fire! Transform into raging dragon!" - Intimate Strike 2, Exploding Dragon Shot.
  • "I'll return the favor!" - Flare Berserker
  • "I'll finish them off!" - Unite Mode
  • "Not yet." - Low on HP
  • "Tch, what a shame..." - unconscious
  • "Need a little bit more?" - awaken from unconscious
  • "Count on me!" - Attack Support
  • "Come over here!" - Defense Support
  • "Use this!" - using healing item