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Etward Dysler (known as "Et") is a playable character from the second series of Mana Khemia, Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. She is a part of Raze's workshop.

Etward is a bubbly and cheerful girl who is incredibly attached to her younger brother Ennarcia Dysler. When she came to Al-Revis academy, she tried to recruit her brother to Raze's workshop, but he was forced to join Ulrika's workshop just to get away from her. She is oblivious to the fact that she is overbearing and unhelpful at times, but she remains friendly to everybody nonetheless.

She and her brother used to play with Lily and Raze as children, despite Lily and Raze not seeming to recall it. In one of Ennarcia's events, it is revealed that she made her brother switch names with her, because his name sounded "cuter."

Etward is often seen as forgetful or "ditzy," and often forgets where it is that she is supposed to go to. She is surprisingly strong and gets enthusiastic about fighting, using transforming twin chakrams that double as a bow and arrow in battle.

It is revealed in her ending that she has developed romantic feelings for Raze.


  • Swallow Chakram: Et learns this from the beginning. Throw the chakram to attack the enemy, time-sphere skill.
  • Lock-on Arrow: Manipulate the chakram into a bow and arrow, inflict lock-on status to the enemy.
  • No-hand Loop: Gives chakram attack to one ally.
  • Blink Moon / Twinkle Moon: Attack the enemy rapidly, rapid move chance.
  • Et Circle Waltz / Et Circle Rondo: Throw the chakram rapidly, time-sphere skill.
  • Dancing Shadow: Et's first Intimate Strike.
  • Wheel Go Heaven: Et's second Intimate Strike.
  • Fastest Dance: Et's Intimate Strike. Add chakram effect and increased speed to ally vanguard.
  • Death Spiral: Finishing Strike. Changed the chakram into a big wheel and attack the enemy rapidly. Deals grand damage.

Battle Quotes

  • "Let's make it quick!" - First strike
  • "Man, they look tough..." - First strike, big enemy
  • "Yahoo!" - Swallow Chakram
  • "I'm not stopping it!" - Blink Moon / Twinkle Moon
  • "I'll show you what I got!" - Et Circle Waltz / Et Circle Rondo
  • "Come on, cheer up!" - Using healing item
  • "Go, go!" - Attack Support
  • "No!" - Defense Support
  • "I'm gonna go!" - Ready to switch
  • "Whoa! This is kinda good!" - Unite Mode
  • "I'm going first!" - Intimate Strike 1, Dancing Shadow
  • "Spin, spin, spin!" - Intimate Strike 2, Wheel Go Heaven
  • "I'll make it quick!" - Intimate Guard, Fastest Dance
  • "Too slow!" - Fast Attack
  • "Easy, easy!" - Victory