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Tanya Volta is a character in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

Tanya lives in the secluded Sand Desert with her family. Her family are the only ones living in the salt wasteland, and she works as a salt miner. Most of the world's salt come from this remote location.

Because her family has lived in the Salt Desert for generations, Tanya has never been to a big city. She is fascinated about how people in urban regions live, and always has Ayesha tell her stories about the big cities. She has dreams of one day visiting the city. If certain events in the game are triggered, Tanya will finally get her wish and make a visit to Vierzeberg.


Tanya helps Ayesha when she comes to the salt desert. While looking for the century flower, Tanya shows Ayesha its location. 

The player can also buy, sell, and register items at Tanya's shop at her location at the world map or in field maps. Tanya has several character events that can be completed, and completing her events is required for the "Girls Gathering" trophy.


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