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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Lina Alterier is the main female protagonist in Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl. She is also featured in the downloadable content for Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

Lina is a bright and easily excitable young alchemist. She has just recently passed her licensing exam in order to become an alchemist. She loves acorns in all its aspects, and her Atelier is shaped like an acorn.

When returning home from the capital she and her friend Luon Volk end up being held responsible for the Fairy Forest being burned down. Lina then takes up trading and uses her alchemy skills to restore the Fairy Forest in 3 years of time. Despite the false accusations, Lina and the fairies get along well and live peacefully together.

Since alchemists are rare in Strahl, many opportunities come her way. Lina has to prove herself as both a skilled businesswoman and an excellent alchemist.

Lina is originally a village girl from the frontier of the neighbouring Artland Kingdom (アルトラント王国). Her parents run a shop, and she became an alchemist to help out there.


Skill Name Skill Detail MP Target Unlock
Secret Alchemy
Hold Up
Good luck!
Terra Flame
Acorn Meteor

Alchemy Level

Unlike in Atelier Annie, Lina's alchemy experience is tied to the number of uses and not the item's complexity i.e. 1 Pure Water and 1 Azure are equal in experience. Failure in synthesizing is treated as 1/2 use, while Double Synthesize is treated as 2 uses, and is reset each time the alchemy level rises.

Rank Level Number of Uses
Next Level Next Rank
1-7 3 21
8-14 4 28
First Class (一人前) 15-29 4 (level 15)
6 (level 16-29)
30-44 6 90
45-49 6 30
50 - -
Total 257