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Kyle Tarenbert is a character appearing in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

Kyle is the owner of the tavern The White Crow in Hornheim, known to Ayesha as 'Mr. Mix Master'. He is a flirtatious and laid-back man who loves food and good company.

Although he runs his own tavern, Kyle comes from a family who hasn't been able to drink for generations. He is embarrassed that as a bar owner he can't drink alcohol and recommend anything to his customers, but he makes up for this by being a great cook. He is good friends with Juris.


During her first visit to Hornheim, Kyle shows Ayesha around town when she appears dazed and confused. After getting to know Kyle better, he also allows Ayesha to use the empty room next to the tavern as an alchemy workshop. The tavern used to be an inn as well, but nobody is currently staying there.

Ayesha can register items with Kyle and buy many of his cooking ingredients and food. Kyle has many events throughout the course of the game, many of which are intertwined with his friend Juris. He also offers Ayesha her first drink of alcohol when she turns legal age, much to Ernie's chagrin.


Events - Kyle


  • He and Guid Helmold from Atelier Totori share the same English voice actor, Kyle Hebert.
  • He admits that he's been fired from a few of his previous jobs because he liked to flirt with the female customers too much. 


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