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This is a list of all necessary events to see Linca's ending in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

Note: When going to slay the dragon in Juris' ending, Linca must be in the party in order for her ending to completed.

  1. With Linca in the party, travel with her on the world map until you trigger the first event where Linca talks about her swordsmanship.
  2. When Linca reaches 20 friendship, travel with her on the world map again to trigger an event where Linca will ask about cooking lessons. Ayesha will write the "Cooking" task down in the notebook.
  3. Ten days after the first cooking event, another event can be seen on the world map while Linca is in the party.
  4. Let ten more days pass after the second cooking event in order to trigger the third cooking event where Linca attempts to make a stew.
  5. The final cooking event will take place after another ten days pass. Linca will attempt to make eggs.
  6. Travel to the Vierzeberg Hill Plaza area 15 days after the final cooking event where Linca makes eggs. Ayesha will speak with Marion in an event. This will finish the "Cooking" task in the notebook.
  7. With Linca in the active party, set out to the world map again for another event.
  8. When Linca's friendship reaches 25, visit the bazaar street in Vierzeberg. This will only occur if 5 days have passed since the previous event.
  9. Linca can be seen on bazaar street again on the following day in another event with Harry.
  10. Let another day pass and go to the Hill Plaza in Vierzeberg to see Linca trying to befriend Pana.
  11. Go to bazaar street during any monthly bazaar to witness an event where Linca loses her wallet.
  12. Travel to the Evershade Woods for another event. Linca will ask Ayesha to find a formidable foe for her to fight. "A Strong Foe" will be added to the notebook.
  13. MISSABLE STEP: After saving Nio and entering Year 3, Ayesha can finally go and slay the dragon that is required for Juris' ending. Make sure to go and recruit Linca at Marion's office (if she is not already in the party). The fight with the dragon will fufill the "Strong Foe" request and Linca's events can continue.
  14. Fight the Old Oath Dragon with Juris at the Salt Desert Lighthouse.
  15. Return to Vierzeberg and talk with Linca at Marion's office.
  16. Travel on the world map again to get an event where Linca talks about Marion.
  17. After Year 3 10/1, enter Marion's office for another event.
  18. Visit the Hill Plaza in Vierzeberg a day after the previous event for another event with Linca.
  19. When Linca's friendship reaches 80, an event can be seen on bazaar street during any monthly bazaar.
  20. Return to Harry's Room in Vierzeberg after 10 days have passed for the next event. If it doesn't seem to trigger at Harry's Room, try going outside the workshop to Hill Plaza.
  21. Go to Marion's office, and make sure that Linca is in your party before setting out to the world map again.
  22. Travel to the Oesten Marsh Ruin area for a meeting and optional battle. "The Two" trophy will unlock.
  23. Return to Marion's office after the battle.
  24. Visit bazaar street to witness Linca shopping. It does not have to be during a bazaar.
  25. Travel with Linca to Riverside Way for another event.
  26. The last event will occur by visiting Marion's office.
  27. At the game's end, choose to go with Linca in order to see her final ending. The "And the Trio" trophy will unlock.

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