Recipes (Atelier Rorona)

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All of the recipes in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland are found here.


Name Location Unlock
Beginning Alchemy From Start Zettel
Alchemy Coal
First Cookbook Sunrise Cafe (assignment 1+) Blank Stew
Cabbage Soup
Black Tea
Chef's Favorite Sunrise Cafe (assignment 3+) Meister Tarte
Special Meat
Famous Cooking Sunrise Cafe (assignment 5+) Danish
Passionate Soup
Happy Cookie
Ultimate Cooking Sunrise Cafe (assignment 9+) Mont Blanc
One Powder
Sundries Book R & T's Sundries (assignment 1+) Polish Powder
Healing Salve
Plants & Ores R & T's Sundries (assignment 3+) Tonic
Arland Crystal
Pure Oil
Bacteria & Food R & T's Sundries (assignment 5+) Alchemy Yeast
Clear Gelatin
Mysterious Tools R & T's Sundries (assignment 6+) Wild Scent
Happy Basket
Spring Cup
Arland Geography R & T's Sundries (assignment 9+) Globe
Dark Water
Making Cannons Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 2+) Bomb
Nature & Bombs Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 3+) Lightning Bomb
Bag Bomb
Cute Bombs Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 4+) Bomb Ice
Wearing Fashion Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 5+) Gnardi Ring
Rune Stone
Mercurius Eye
Stars & Alchemy Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 6+) Meteor
Blitz Symbol
Lucky Charm Book Beefy Weapon Shop (assignment 9+) Angel Charm
Victory Charm
Lemegeton Pamela's Shop (assignment 6+) Komet
Alchemy Candy
Blessed Coin
Book of Lawe Pamela's Shop (assignment 8+) Air Drop
Graceful Crystal
Secret Bag
Pnakotic Manuscript Catacombs (Beast Graveyard) Auto Alarm
Spirit's Breath
Escalario Ster Highlands (Snow Stone Area) Gibate Ankh
Bunny Tail
Tera Bomb
Hermes Collection Nabel Lake (Isle Fish Assembly) Elixir
Healing Bell
Mystery Ankh
Necronomicon Lost City (Remaining Treasure) Shellper Horn
Bandit Legacy Night's Domain (Dark Sign) Spirit Necklace
Bandit Bandana
Shibyure Orthogalaxen (Floor 2) Purifier
Absorb Gourd
God's Supper
Emerald Plate Orthogalaxen (Floor 14) Ruby Prism
Ancient Alchemy Given for Assignment 3 Witch Salve
Beast Statue
Healing Aroma
Wig World Astrid (When Hagel asks for a Wig) Fantastic Wig
Instrument Making Tantoris (Part of his Flag Quest) Handmade Instrument
Master's Note Astrid (Part of Lionela's Flag Quest) Mystery Potion
Beginning Blacksmith Hagel (After assignment 2) Ingot
Pie Alchemy Workshop Plain Pie
Basic Pie Make a Plain Pie (80+ quality) Meat Pie
Berry Pie
Cream Pie
Honey Pie
Cabbage Pie Make all "Basic Pie" (80+ quality) Cabbage Pie
Tasty Pie Make a Cabbage Pie (80+ quality) Tea Pie
Mushroom Pie
Seafood Pie
Ice Pie
Alchemy Pie Make all "Tasty Pie" (80+ quality) Living Pie
Ultimate Pie Make all "Alchemy Pie" (80+ quality) Ruby Pie
Dark Pie
Dragon Pie
Golden Pie