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Merveille is the capital city of the Adalet Kingdom. It is the main setting for Atelier Lydie & Suelle and is the home for many characters in the Mysterious trilogy.




Lune Street

One of the two main and largest streets of the city, located at one of the sides of the canal. It has many restaurants, but it's not as busy as Soleil Street. This street has the following locations:

Soleil Street

One of the two main and largest streets of the city, located at one of the sides of the canal. Many high-class shops can be found here, as well as the following locations:

  • Smithy, run by Hagel.
  • Corneria's Shop, where Corneria sells her items and offers her duplication services.
  • Weissberg House, a house rented by Fritz Weissberg and her daughter Drossel.

Garden of Merk

A flower garden that serves as the entrance to the city (by the Gates of Merk). Atelier Firis (the Atelier Tent) is placed here during Firis Mistlud's stay on the city.

Sea-view Hill

A hill with great views of the Marl Sea and the city. The locations that can be found here are:

  • Church of Vegne, the oldest and most famous church in all of Adalet, with more tourists than prayers. Grace Weissberg is the Head Sister of the church.
  • Cemetery, where Honnete Malen lies.

Castle Plaza

A large plaza in front of the castle, at the end of Lune Street and Soleil Street. It's main landmarks are:

  • The Notice Board, where people post requests that can be done by other citizens. Announcements, event informations and such are also posted here.
  • Atelier Borthayre, one of the oldest and more famous ateliers of the city, run by the family of Lucia Borthayre.

The Royal Castle

Home to the Adalet royal family. In the game, the locations that can be accessed are:

  • Entrance Hall, the entrance to the castle and the government center for the capital. Princess Mireille Ferrier Adalet works as the receptionist here.
  • Gallery, where mysterious paintings are stored.