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Roger Malen is a character in Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings. He's the father of both Lydie and Suelle.


"The father of Lydie and Suelle. He is not much of an alchemist, but has an extraordinary artistic talent. And as so many artists are, he sometimes is a little too airheaded and has a habit for wastefulness. This would be the reason why the twins had to take over the atelier and label him as "useless." Roger also has a "mad scientist" side to him, creating many new recipes, which usually end in explosions."
          — Official description.[1]He is often unreliable and pushes a lot of the responsibility for the family's livelihood onto his daughters. His hobby is painting.
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Roger is a member of the Borthayre family in Merveille. He wanted to take over the family atelier and became a licensed alchemist. His father instead picked his older brother to run Atelier Borthayre. Honnete encouraged him to start his own shop and the two got married. The pair traveled the mysterious paintings before having Lydie and Suelle .

After Honnete passed away from an illness he couldn't cure, he found himself unable to concentrate during synthesis. He would continue his painting hobby (including finishing The Heavenly Flower Garden) but his alchemy ability declined. Lydie and Suelle would find themselves finishing jobs he had taken.

With Lydie and Suelle's defeat of Falgior he became more serious about his alchemy. Roger left the twins money and challenged his brother for ownership of Atelier Borthayre. After a loss to Lydie and Suelle he returned home and learned that Honnete was living inside The Heavenly Flower Garden. He performed a restoration of the painting using mysterious paints synthesized by his daughters and traveled inside with them. Reunited with Honnete, Roger's focus returned and he was able to synthesize again.