Mathias Ferrier Adalet

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"Anyhow, I'll be serving as your guys' guard. Nice to meet you both.[1]"
          — Mathias

Mathias Ferrier Adalet is a character in Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.


"A man who can be found walking around Merveille. He is known for his frivolous and playful personality. However, he is much more reliable on the inside, and he volunteers to protect Lydie and Suelle. He is a member of a knight's order, and is rather skillful with his sword. He also has an older sister who completely holds him under her thumb."
          — Official description.[2]

He is found suspicious by Lydie and Suelle when he attempts to invite the two out for cake.[3]



When Mathias joins the party, he is already level 10. Mathias does not have the ability to use offensive items, but can still use recovery items.


MP Obtaining
Temple Slide 15
Crusade Charge 15
Accel Guard 5
Beast Mode 10
Testament Oath 70 Level 30
Full Advantage
Glory's Fate
First Aid
Sky Guardian
A Heavy Burden
Knight's Pride
Veteran Player
Stand-in Defense
  • Temple Slide - Costs 15 MP. Offensive. Medium Damage. Deals damage to a row of enemies.
    • Deals damage to enemies in a single row.
  • Crusade Charge - Costs 15 MP. Offensive. Medium Damage. Deals damage in a column of enemies.
    • Deals damage to enemies in a column.
  • Accel Guard - Costs 5 MP. Tactical. Self-Applied.
    • Increases DEF. Receive the focus of enemy attacks for two turns, restoring 1 MP for every unit of damage taken.
  • Beast Mode - Costs 10 MP. Tactical. Self-Applied.
    • Reduces DEF to 0, but doubles all damage dealt to the enemy. The effect remains until KO'ed.
  • Testament Oath - Costs 70 MP. Offensive. Massive damage. Single Enemy.
    • Can only be used when in Beast Mode. Cause massive damage to a single enemy and instantly stun them, as well as ending Beast Mode and stunning Mathias.

Follow-up Skills

  • Full Advantage
    • Increase DEF, and slightly reduce incoming damage. Use a tool to inflict elemental damage the target is weak to.
  • Glory's Fate
    • Restore a large amount of HP after receiving 50% or more of maximum HP in damage from the enemy in a single turn.
  • First Aid
    • Completely cure all ailments after the attackers are poisoned or burned.



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