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Ghosts are enemies that appear in the Arland and Mysterious sub-series.

Atelier Rorona

A11 Ghost.png Lv Race Description
9 Ghost "Ghosts that inhabit items that were left lying around by foolish people. They seek attention, but usually end up scaring people away."
HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
101 54 44 40
Habitat Items Skills
National Mines
Nabel Lake
Dark Woods
Lost City
Pendelook Soul Drain

Atelier Totori

"The will of the dead materialized somehow to create this abomination. It's supposed to be a ghost, but it can be seen, heard, and touched."
          — Atelier Totori description
Enemy Info
Level Type Health Defense Attack Speed Skills Locations Drops
23 Ghost 100 20 49 20 Attack, Soul Drain Forgotten Village, Ancient Monastery, Continental Coastline, Northern Ruins, Arland Area Pendelook

Atelier Meruru

"An amalgam of a number of spirits, bringing life to a hat and gloves. But although it's a ghost, it can still be grasped and smashed."
          — Atelier Meruru description

Ghosts are low level enemies who are encountered rather early in game. They tend to live in dark areas (caves, tunnels and mines) around the Arls area. They are a good source of Globe Spheres, although they usually drop low quality spheres at the beginning of the game. Quality improves later on.

Enemy Info
Level Type Health Defense Attack Speed Skills Locations Drops
17 Ghost 83 20 21 26 Attack, Soul Drain Arls National Mine, Solidarity Mine, Underground Lake, Cape Ichijo Globe Sphere

Atelier Sophie

A17 Ghost.png Lv Species Description
HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
Habitat Items Cole EXP

Atelier Firis

A17 Ghost.png Lv Species Description
HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
Habitat Items Cole EXP

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

GhostA19.png Species UserSuelle.png "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!"
Ghost UserLydie.png "Hey, where are you going?! Yup, it looks like a ghost alright. Although, I'd say it looks more charming than scary..."
Status Reward Primary Habitat Item Drop
HP 54 EXP 10 The Spooky Forest Pendant Rock
Paper Scraps
Soul Stone
Attack 14 Coll.png 5
Defense 7
Speed 4
Resistance ResistancePhysical.pngResistanceCircle.pngResistancePhysical.pngResistanceCircle.png


  • Ghosts don't appear in the Dusk sub-series. In the world of Dusk, ghosts are considered not to exist. This is stated by Logy in Atelier Escha & Logy when they are exploring the Slag Graveyard and Escha is fearing that the place is full of ghosts.
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