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The Giant Bug is an enemy found in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Atelier Totori

"A giant bug. It flies, has a huge mouth and is encased in a hard exoskeleton. Did we mention it's big? You don't want this flying into your house at night."
          — Atelier Totori description
Enemy Info
Level Type Health Defense Attack Speed Skills Locations Drops
35 Bug 700 38 83 60 Grune Rainforest, Altmeier, Liechtein Soehnle, Outer Islets Rock Salt, Azure Wing

Atelier Meruru

"One of the biggest known bugss. Ewww... they're so gross! It preys on humans, so make sure you run away as soon as you see one. Ugh... gross!"
          — Atelier Meruru description

A high level bug enemy found in the game's later years. Can be found primarily at the Early Woodlands as the player is making their way towards Mt. Velus and Yuvel. They will also spawn at Hart Outpost once the area has been heavily developed. A few Giant Bugs can also be found while climbing Ent Forest.

The Giant Bug primarily physically attacks the party. It is relatively tough, and also has high speed. However, it is severely lacking in defense. Vulnerable to fire and lightning based attacks.

It is the only regular enemy found that can drop Medicine Thread, a rare thread material that can be used in high level cloth and armor synthesis.

Enemy Info
Level Type Health Defense Attack Speed Skills Locations Drops
39 Bug 1158 29 112 66 Bite, Burning Gas, Slicer Hart Outpost, Ent Forest, Endless Corridor, Early Woodlands Medicine Thread, Sage Herb, Chainweb

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