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"A sea dragon that lives deep in the ocean. It is normally gentle, but it will destroy anything that infringes upon its territory."
          — Atelier Totori Description
Totori, Mimi and Sterk vs. the Flauschtraut

The Flauschtraut was a powerful monster that roamed the seas around the village of Alanya. It is the last story boss in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland that players would need to defeat to see the normal ending of that game. It was long believed to have killed Gisela Helmold after she unwisely went out adventuring to sea, though her daughter, Totori believed differently. She eventually gained her own Adventurer's License to seek out the truth about her mother and, with the help of fellow Adventurers, fought and defeated the Flauschtraut in a fearsome battle.