The Spooky Forest

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The Spooky Forest is a location in Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.



"Whispering voices mutter rumors from amid the trees. From the glooming darkness you sense the eyes of someone, something... watching you. Looking around, those gnarly trees are all you can see. All who visit this place are bound to feel the same breath of fear. And with good Reason. For this place is the intersection between the world of living and the spectral plain. This is the Spooky Forest. Beware of the tricks that might be played on you here..."


UserSuelle.png "Ungh... Where you... What...?!?!?!"
UserLydie.png "Well, Sue didn't last long here... It's dark, damp, and filled with ghosts... I can see why she doesn't like it."

Lydie's Memo

UserLydie.png "This is a very dark painting world. I often hear a whispering coming from between the trees. However, I can never make out what they're saying..."

Materials Available

Residing Monsters