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Nazarus is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.


Nazarus appears in Julio's storyline. It is revealed that finding a cure for his demon-turning disease is the reason Julio was looking for an alchemist. Julio ask Sophie to make a medicine to cure him, which is hiding at Sealed Temple. Before being able to give him the medicine, they have to fight him because he has gone out of control.

As an enemy

Nazarus encyclopedia.png Lv Species Description
20 Demi-Human Julio: "His left arm was mutated due to a curse received from a monster..."

Sophie: "He lost control of himself, too... Monsters curses are really scary..."

HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
2000 160 79 105 - Physical
Habitat Items Cole EXP
Sealed Temple Crimson Stone 400 700


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