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"A headless knight. It wanders around in search of its missing head. But I guess it can be any head, since sometimes it has the head of a lizard..."
          — Atelier Meruru Description

Gan Ceann is an enemy found in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

An high level strong ghost type enemy. It is found at the Garden Ruins and serves as a mini boss of the "Ghost Knight" development quest. It will appear with two Phantom Knights.

Focus on defeating the Phantom Knights first, and then focus all of your attention on Gan Ceann. The longer this battle goes on, the more difficult it will become. Gan Ceann is physically strong, defensible, and has relatively high speed. It attacks relatively often, and can have more than one move per turn.

It can physically attack a single target by attacking normally or by using its "Neck Hunt" skill. "Blind Sword" will attack all party members. The most devastating skill of all is the "Avenging Form" skill, which will not only heal Gan Ceann by 3000 HP each time it is used, but it will also buff all stats. This will make him stronger, faster and more defensible. It can be put to sleep, so this may be used to your advantage.

At the Endless Corridor, there are a group of several Gan Ceann guarding the final chamber where the Twilight Maiden is.

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