Dark Woods

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The Dark Woods are a location in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

Iksel will tell Rorona abou the Dark Woods if she has been traveling with him and triggering his events. It takes 6 days to travel from Arland to the Dark Woods. Traveling to the Dark Woods with Iksel will trigger the "Dreamy Crown" event flag, and give Rorona a free Dreamy Crown.

Map Information

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Golden Forest 1 Day Eicheloa, Uni Gold Puni
Spirit's Heap 2 Days Water, Eiche, Eicheloa Alraune
Beasty Alley 2 Days Candied Branch, Magic Grass Forest Wolf
Ghost Playground 1 Day Night Lady Fear
Fire Lizard's Way 2 Days Eiche, Eicheloa Salamandra Bomb: To advance to Area 7
Berry Area 1 Day Colbaltberry Alraune Treasure: Bomb (80)
Mircale Forest 3 Days Night Lady, Colbaltberry Salamandra, Fear, etc Dunkelheit Gathering Point (11/8 - 11/25)
Fruitful Land 2 Days Night Lady, Colbaltberry Forest Wolf, Alraune, Salamandra
Dreamy Forest 2 Days Eicheloa, Night Lady Witch Rose (Strong) Treasure: Cloth (Tanbeash) (80)