Slag Graveyard

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"Ruins filled with Slags."
          — Area description

Slag Graveyard is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Slag Graveyard is found to the west of the Upland Forest, and to the north of the Searing Wastes. It contains massive amounts of remains from Slags, possibly from past battles.

After defeating the Thirsty Water God at the Withering Plains, the Cursed Saber can be fought in the Disposal Area of this map (Plus/DX).


Escha and Logy are sent to go explore the Slag Graveyard in Term 5. They eventually reach the core of the graveyard where they hear a fragmented, unknown voice. They then fight the Frigate and pick up a mysterious Lithograph Fragment.

If Reyfer's Friend Level is high enough, an event will unlock in the Slag Graveyard where he, Escha, Logy, and Threia discover a hidden treasure room with a golden Slag statue inside. The group decide to give Reyfer credit for the discovery, thus allowing him to sell the statue to the Colseit Branch. This way, Research & Development would get to study the statue further and Reyfer is able to turn a profit from his find.


Graveyard Entrance Corridor Graveyard Center Large Corridor
Disposal Area Graveyard Depths Graveyard Core Treasure Room


Gatherable Items
Mantis Blade Slag Antenna Slag Memory Slag Heart
Slag Cable Beast Meat Night Crystal Red Devil
Blue Devil Fragrant Chips ...ETC


Bad Treasure Carrier Flounder Nano-Slag
Frigate Cursed Saber


Term Assignment Description Requirements
5 Slag Graveyard Investigate the Slag Graveyard. Continue your investigation into the deepest parts of this area. Investigate the Large Corridor, Disposal Area, and Graveyard Depths.
6 Bloodstained Saber Slay the Bloodstained Saber! This fiendish monster was spotted deep within the Slag Graveyard. Slay the Bloodstained Saber at Slag Graveyard (Graveyard Center).
7 Graveyard Shining Slag Slay the Emerald Ray! This fiendish monster was spotted deep within the Slag Graveyard. Slay the Emerald Ray at Slag Graveyard (Graveyard Center).