Dragon's Nest

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"Many endangered dragons dwell here."
          — Area description

Dragon's Nest is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Dragon's Nest is located northwest of the Slag Graveyard. Its map is shaped like a dragon, and is replete with dragons.


Escha and Logy are first sent to the Dragon's Nest in search of high-quality metal that can be used to build their new airship. They acted on a tip from Solle and Colland that a metal-eating dragon had returned and could supply the materials that they were looking for. Not wanting to confront the dragon head-on, Escha and Logy consult Reyfer for help. He suggests that they synthesize and use a Slumber Incense to drive away the dragon and thus allow the pair to collect the metal without a fight. Whether the Slumber Incense is used or the dragon is challenged is the player's choice.

Later on, Escha and Logy hear from Duke that a strong dragon had returned to the Dragon's Nest. Years ago, Duke and other members of Colseit's Strike Team had fought the same dragon and were badly wounded by it. The pair decide to go and fight the dragon to defeat it once and for all.


Dragon's Tail Dragon's Body Dragon's Left Wing Dragon's Right Wing
Dragon's Head


Gatherable Items
Fresh Meat Gold Meat Big Bone Black Bone
Dragon Bone Diamond Gemstone Spring Water Ice Slag Stone
Sky Slag Stone Hard Claw ...ETC


Emerald Ray Scorching Dragon Golden Rat
Galtessen Wild Dragon Sura Dragon Rakshasa Dragon
Grand Dragon Altegewalt


Term Assignment Description Requirements
8 Dragon Slaying Slay dragons! Various dragons have been sighted at the Dragon's Nest. Slay Rakshasa Dragon, Grand Dragon, and Sura Dragon at Dragon's Nest.
9 Beat Ultimate Dragon Defeat the Strongest Dragon! This mighty beast has been seen returning to the Dragon's Nest. Defeat Altegewalt at the Dragon's Nest.