Withering Plains

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"A rapidly dying grassland."
          — Area description

Withering Plains is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Withering Plains are found to the north of Colseit. There is a frontier village located there, along with a warehouse and a well.

The village well leads to an underground area, where the Thirsty Water God can be fought in the later stages of the game (Plus/DX).


Escha and Logy are dispatched to the Withering Plains in Term 3 to provide support to the village there which is suffering from a water shortage. They meet with the village chief and deliver supplies to hold them over for the next little while. The pair eventually are directed to investigate the cause of the water shortage in the nearby Abandoned River.

Eventually, despite Escha and Logy's efforts, the people of the village decide to evacuate.


Plains Brook Muddy Lake Village Warehouse Frontier Village
Village Well


Gatherable Items
Amber Soil Lethe Grass River Water Drying Sand
Big Bone Black Bone Dragon Bone Shining Crystal
Glass Core Thin Fruit ...ETC


Mirage Element Flesh Eater Amethyst Rat
Heavy Skin Steel Skin


Term Assignment Description Requirements
3 Frontier Village Go to the Frontier Village and assess the situation there. Enter the Frontier Village.
3 Support Materials Deliver support materials! Prepare the required materials for the Frontier Village before the term ends. Deliver a Purify Bottle and Food to the Frontier Village chief.

Memo: 2 Apple Tarts, or 10 (Food). You can mix and match.

3 Plains Subjugation Slay monsters at the Withering Plains! A request has been made to learn about the beasts in this location. Slay a Mirage Element, Amethyst Rat, and Steel Skin.
4 Plains Grass Gather Lethe Grass! Analgesic plants have been found on the Withering Plains. Go there to gather them. Gather Lethe Grass at Withering Plains.
6 Check Withering Plains Communications with the village in the Withering Plains have stopped. Go see what the situation is. Enter the Withering Plains (Frontier Village).


Fading Light

And Then There Were None