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"Ruins hovering in the sky."
          — Area description

Geosys, otherwise known as the Unexplored Ruins, is a dungeon found in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. After falling to the land below, it becomes the Fallen Ruins.


Geosys is an alchemical laboratory that has been floating in the sky for hundreds of years. Its main focus was to conduct research on how to make the land below fertile once more. It is surrounded by a ring of extremely stormy weather which makes approaches by most means impossible.


Escha, Logy and friends make it past the storm surrounding Geosys thanks to the Dreadnaught they built and begin investigating the ruins. Logy first notices that there was no wind at all despite flying through a storm a few minutes ago, and wonders if someone was controlling the climate to prevent people from getting any closer.

After making it inside the structure, Logy is amazed that there are still working facilities in the ruins. Threia explains that the Unexplored Ruins are not ruins at all since everything is still operational. She wonders what they were researching until Escha notices the smell of flowers in the air. Soon they find what appears to be a capsule with the smell of flowers coming from it close by. They begin to think that the plants they have been seeing outside might have come from inside and wonder why a facility researching plants is high above the clouds in the first place. They continue onwards and eventually fight the Dragoon. Further in, the group are stopped when they first encounter Flameu. When Escha asks why the ruins were built in the first place, Flameu responds by saying that the world needed to be saved due to a promise before the ruins start shaking. Flameu calls for Gullveig to prevent the group from getting any closer before she disappears.

Once the group reach the center of the ruins, they spot a strange machine in the center that appears to keep the ruins afloat. Once again, Flameu appears and Logy asks if she is the one protecting the ruins. She tells them that spring is coming and that she will not let humans interfere. Feeling that something bad would happen, the group try to stop her but are intercepted by Flameu's guardian, Gullveig. After defeating the beast, its body disappears as Flameu activates Geosys' system, making Logy realize that the battle with Gullveig was just to buy her time to fully activate the system. Realizing that the ruins were about to fall from the sky, the group hurries back to the Dreadnaught, only to find out that Escha had not made it out yet. As Escha hurries back to the ship, the ground underneath her crumbles. She is forced to grab on to a nearby branch until it snaps, causing her to fall until Logy jumps from the airship to grab her in time. The two hold on to each other as they fly away from the ruins.

After returning, Escha and Logy discovered that Flameu and Clone were friends back in ancient times. They also discovered that the ruins were one of many management facilities created with the intention of turning a deserted wasteland into a lush environment. Flameu thought that would not happen as long as humans existed, which was why she stopped cooperating with humans and took Geosys to the sky. Despite Clone's pleas to stay and continue to work together with the humans, Flameu gave Clone an apple seed to take care of and left. Thus, the legend of the Unexplored Ruins was born.


Elixir Base

While it is still in the sky, Geosys is one of two dungeons in the game where the player is able to find the Elixir Base relic. It is a more powerful version of the Elixir and the most powerful healing item in the game. It can be found via Field Event - Relic Search under the category, "Rare Medicine". Make sure to search for it while Geosys is still in the sky (the Unexplored Ruins) before exploring any further. Once the ruins hit the ground (the Fallen Ruins) the player will not be able to obtain the relic for the rest of the game, unless they go to the DLC dungeon, The Palace of Paupers.

Gatherable Items
Sky Wasabi Wing Plant Water Source Moon Milk
Gold Spiky Fruit Trio Taun Earth Root Ancient Root



Geosys is also the only place where the Tracker Slag can be found. It will not appear once the ruins fall to the ground.

Officer Pico-Slag Deep Woods Spirit Tracker
Dragoon Gullveig


Exploring the area is the main objective of the fourth year.


A Nest With No Workers