Western Reaches

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"Barren wasteland lies beyond."
          — Area description

Western Reaches (better known as Ends of the Earth) is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Western Reaches are the western limit of the known world. In fact, at the west limit of the area, a lifeless barren with no known end starts.


The Ends of the Earth is unlocked by having sufficient friendship with Awin. After discussions with other people in Colseit, he decides to see the edge of the world for himself and follow in the footsteps of an expedition team that travelled there in the past. Although there were rumors that what lied beyond was a land of paradise, in reality there is nothing but barren wasteland.

The area can alternatively be unlocked through a cutscene with Lucille.


First Rise Second Rise Third Rise
Structure - Lower Structure - Upper Dusk Path
Twilight Path Ends of the End


Gatherable Items
Antique Stone Junk Buried Bomb Jet Black Cube
Ext. Bird Egg Eternal Crystal Word Stone-Star Word Stone-Moon
Word Stone-Sun Word Stone-Sea ...ETC


Death Scissor Alchemy Rat Red Skin
Child of Terror Dreadnought


Term Assignment Description Requirements
9 Child of Disaster Slay the Child of Disaster! This beast has reportedly been seen at the Ends of the Earth. Perhaps you'll see it. Slay the Child of Disaster at the Ends of the Earth.
9 Limits Giant Slag Slay the Dreadnought! An enormous Slag has been seen at the Ends of the Earth. If you have no other concerns... Slay the Dreadnought at the Ends of the Earth.



A Promise (Hill of Twilight)