Rogue Guardian

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Rogue Guardian is an optional boss in Atelier Escha & Logy Plus. It is a plant-like monster similar to Yggdrasil, Atelier Ayesha's final boss.[1]

Rogue Guardian can be challenged in the Lab of Eternity after all other bosses in the game have been defeated.

Enemy information

Rogue Guardian
A15 Rogue Guardian.png Lv Species Description
100 Plant A monster resembling a great tree guarding ruins. It was created to destroy life, not to protect it.
500000 600 0 300 70 70 70 70
Habitat Items Cole Exp
Lab of Eternity Time Flower
Famed Mythic W
Famed Mythic C (x2)
10000 10000

There are no especially dangerous or troublesome skills that Rogue Guardian utilizes during the battle. However, be careful as it does at one point use Light of Dusk, an attack that will wipe out the entire front line. It is therefore advisable to have in the back line someone who can heal/revive others.



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