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Arlin is a playable character in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana.

Arlin is a mysterious swordsman who is out for revenge against the game's villain, Mull. No one knows his reasons behind this, except he wishes to go to Avenberry for some reason. Arlin has been seen conversing with a strange Mana, although he confides nothing of his plans with the party for some time.

Role in Atelier Iris

After the events where Lita Blanchimont 's Ruby prism was forcefully taken by Mull, the Main Protagonist Klein Kiesling went to see Zeldalia to seek her help on how to save Lita. Zeldalia informs Klein that she requires a Ruby Prism to be saved. Soon after Klein states his desire to defeat Mull, Arlin entered the house and informs that Klein isn't strong enough. Refusing to accept his claims, Arlin challenges him to a duel. With Klein's defeat, Zeldalia wonders and asks Klein in confusion on why he only used physical attacks and believes that he could've done better. After a long thought, Klein says with confidence "I will surpass Mull". Seeing Klein's desire to surpass Mull, Arlin decides to accompany him in his journey.

However, just before leaving Avenberry, Arlin decides to part ways with Klein stating that the Ruby Prism does not interest him. Hoping Arlin explains himself, Klein asks why he wishes to leave. With much reluctance, Arlin explained that he himself is also and Artificial Humanoid created by Mull but was incomplete. His determination to seek revenge on Mull was due to Mull throwing him away with his countless other brothers as incomplete humanoids. Unknown by Lita, Arlin knew that she is one of Iris Blanchimont's daughters. Klein tries to persuade Arlin to stay with the team hoping to defeat Mull together, but unfortunately Arlin is determined to leave the party (Arlin is unavailable as a party member after this cut scene)

In a few scenes, Arlin is seen training extensively in a forest not far from Duran while talking to a mana who is revealed to be Luplus, the mana of time.

Just before heading for Mull's dungeon, a cut scene occurs where Arlin engages in combat with Mull. However, he is not strong enough to defeat him. In hopes to defeat Mull, Arlin tries to use his ultimate attack even knowing that this move would ultimately end him. Luplus frantically tries to persuade Arlin not to use the attack but fails. When the party finally arrives, Arlin starts turning to stone due to his body running completely out of mana. He tells the party to go ahead to defeat Mull and is counting on them to succeed where he has failed. After Klein leaves, Luplus tries to talk to Arlin and says that he wants to return the favor for saving his life. By using his powers to manipulate time, Luplus reverses time on Arlin, restoring him back to his normal state and saving his life.

It is possible to recruit Arlin back into the party by doing sidequests that are given by the fairy in the Kavoc bar. Once all the sidequests are completed and Amalgam is defeated, watch the ending and save the bonus data. Load the game and go to your base to trigger a scene about a man who appears at Ka Luda's Playground. Go there and use the float ability to find a new portal on a boulder near the southwest entrance to reach Mull's Dungeon, where you'll find Arlin. After talking to Arlin, he rejoins the party along with the time mana Luplus as well.