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Trinity Universe (トリニティ・ユニバース) is a 2009 console roleplaying game, co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory and Gust Corporation exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game features characters from both the Atelier and Disgaea series, and is notable as Viorate Platane's debut appearance outside of Japan.


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Atelier Characters Appearing in Trinity Universe

Vio and Pamela are both playable allies in Trinity Universe. Due to the game's split story perspective, Vio joins the valkyrie maiden Rizelea while Pamela joins the demon dog king Kanata. They both join at mandatory points in the respective protagonists' stories, so there is no need to go through any process recruiting them. 

In Rizelea's tale, Vio is Empyria's only employed alchemist. Her valuable skills are something that the valkyrie requires in order to compensate for her loss of power earlier in the story. Vio requests certain materials to fill Riz's order and journeys with her and the self-proclaimed "dark hero" Lucius in order to find them. After that point, Vio remains with Riz and assists her until the end of her tale. Also, Vio takes over as the main shopkeeper and handles all transactions for the party. The reason the alchemist's introduction in Riz's story is both immediate and necessary is because the valkyrie's tale is generally considered the harder of the two in terms of difficulty and the Meteorite system helps to empower her team against the tougher challenges. 

In Kanata's tale, Pamela is the receptionist for the town of Empyria's ghost-themed inn. She joins because Kanata and his team need a guide to get through a ghost ship-type dungeon, and she only agrees to help if she can have one of Etna's Prinnies "to keep for eternity". With no hesitation in convincing the helpless servant to go with the request, the party agrees and Pamela guides them through the dungeon, while also stopping to occasionally poke fun at how easy it is to scare the others. Following the completion of the ghost ship area, Pamela remains with Kanata so she can have more fun scaring and make sure her new Prinny acquisition doesn't leave her side. 

On an extra note, if the player manages to recruit all of the game's optional party members (Recit, Miyu, Mizuki) before a certain chapter's completion, then a special bonus artwork is unlocked where Vio prepares a gigantic carrot feast for the entire cast of Trinity Universe. This game also marks Vio's first official playable appearance in the U.S. since Atelier Viorate was never localized, similar to Marie in Cross Edge

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