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Friendship is a system present in almost all of the titles in the series. It determines the relationship between the protagonist and the other characters.


Friendship is usually expressed by a level number which goes from 1 to 100. Upon reaching certain friendship levels, character events will become available, leading eventually to the unlocking of an ending involving that character.


Atelier Rorona

Atelier Rorona Plus

All characters have friendship values, except Hom, Meredith, Ryan and Laura.

The friendship of playable characters can be increased up to 60 by expending days traveling in the world map (and withing the area maps, but not on the field). To further increase their friendship, the player must complete Friend Quests for them.

The only exceptions are Astrid, whose friendship level is already 100 when she joins, and Esty, whose friendship level only increases when completing her special personal requests (5 in total).

NPCs (Tiffani, Hagel, Pamela and Cole) can only get their friendship increased by completing their Friend Quests. After reaching a certain friendship value with them, the wholesale options become available in their shop (except for Cole). Also, there are events tied to their friendship values, just like the playable characters. However, raising their friendship isn't required for any of the endings.

Atelier Totori

Atelier Meruru

Atelier Ayesha

Atelier Escha & Logy

Atelier Shallie

Atelier Sophie

Atelier Firis

Atelier Lydie & Suelle