Elise Phulie

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"Plachta, how do you feel when people read you?"
          — Elise to Plachta

Elise Phulie is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.

A woman who runs a bookstore that she inherited from her grandfather. She's a matchless book lover and has been a bookworm since she was very young.

Sophie became attached to her by seeing her as an older sister. Since she has an abundance of knowledge, she acts as her "goodness counsellor".


Elise is a shopkeeper and the player can buy items such as different kinds of paper at her bookstore. She will also give Sophie quizzes for the player to answer.

Elise creates a picture book about a girl and a book that turns into a person. She bases it off of Sophie and Plachta. Elise says she wants to create picture books for children so they can enjoy it more since her grandfather used to do the same for her.